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HANGZHOU, China, May 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Pixfra Technology’s 2024 release, Mile 2: New Miles to Go, won the German Red Dot Design Award. This advanced thermal monocular is designed for outdoor, search and rescue, and hunting use, setting new standards for accuracy with its minimalist design and sophisticated algorithms. The motto “New Miles to Go” reflects our commitment to innovation and leadership in thermal imaging technology.

Elegance meets ingenuity

The Red Dot award-winning Mile 2 thermal monocular exemplifies a combination of minimalism and refinement. Made from high-quality soft rubber, it features a sleek profile with a non-slip design. Ergonomics ensure comfortable operation during prolonged use, while the three-button design allows one-handed operation even in low light conditions. The hidden power button adds to its streamlined design. Its pocket-sized shape and lightweight construction make the Mile 2 an ideal companion for outdoor exploration. The circular diopter adjustment and centrally aligned neck strap hole design ensure a robust and easy-to-use experience, ensuring durability.

Pioneering thermal imaging with AI-enhanced clarity

The Mile 2 thermal monocular, powered by advanced ISP4.0 thermal algorithms and AI, improves the user experience with four key improvements. These include adaptive lens brightness and contrast, expanded dynamic range, edge sharpening for image definition, and noise reduction for stable image quality. With an ultra-sensitive 12 μm detector and high magnification, Mile 2 offers exceptional clarity and versatile viewing.

Master the wild with advanced imaging and tracking

“Jungle Mode” is an algorithm designed for dense environments, which improves the visualization of targets and backgrounds. The Mile 2 Thermal Monocular features hot spot tracking to identify the warmest spot, which helps in quick target detection. With a high-capacity battery, it offers 8.5 hours of continuous use, suitable for full-day operations. The Pixfra Outdoor app supports simultaneous remote viewing for up to 4 users over WiFi, enhancing shared outdoor experiences.

The ultimate companion for adventurous exploration

No matter the terrain – dense forests, turbulent waters or scorching deserts – the Mile 2 Thermal Monocular is designed to excel, ensuring users can enjoy the thrill of exploration anytime, anywhere. With high quality PC casing, Mile 2 is durable, heat and wear resistant, able to withstand harsh environments. Its IP67 rating provides a high level of protection and offers a reliable guarantee for outdoor adventures.

Embrace adventure with Mile 2, a next-generation explorer aid and sensor for the world’s hidden details. Pixfra Technology’s commitment to innovation redefines thermal imaging for the unexplored.

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