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SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tigon Mobile, a subsidiary of KOSDAQ-listed company Longtu Korea, recently announced its second Mystery Box sale for the Bless Global game. The event will start at 20:00 on November 23 (UTC 8). The new Mystic Falls series will retail for US$19.9 each with a limited stock of 3,000 on NFT’s PocketBuff platform, followed by public beta testing from November 30 to December 14.

Pre-registrations for Bless Global already exceeded one million at the end of October. In its first Mystery Box sale, the desert-themed series Whispering Barren sold out in a jiffy, garnering huge attention in the marketplace. One player is known to have sold a Diamond VIP PASS, which had a limited stock of 200, for US$1,000, a final price 50 times higher than his first offer.

Now, the second sale in the Mystic Falls series, which includes new NFTs for mounts and pets, will start soon on November 23. After opening the Mystery Box they purchased, users will randomly receive one of several NFTs.

The group contains an NFT mount (Candy Blowfish/Feather Spirit), an NFT pet (Icy McChilly) and a VIP PASS. NFT mounts can increase the speed and battle power of the character, while the deployed NFT pet can help the character in battles by casting active abilities to deal additional damage.

With brilliant dreamy wings and the unique ability to carry two characters at once, Feather Spirit is extremely rare and difficult to obtain.

There are three types of VIP PASS: Platinum, Gold and Diamond, which grant players tempting privileges. A VIP PASS can speed up Corestal mining. Players can mint Corestals in-game into BLEC, a special token used at PocketBuff to purchase Mystery Boxes. They can also sell the NFTs earned from the boxes in exchange for attractive returns. Additionally, VIP PASS holders have exclusive access to the beta test.

About the offerPlatform: PocketBuffDownload the PocketBuff app here: http://pocketbuff.com/42o1f2

Beta Testing Coming Up The AAA MMORPG GameFi Bless Global is about to start beta testing. All VIP PASS holders can join the trial and enjoy their early access from November 30 to December 14. Remember to participate in the BP Ranking Event during the trial for a chance to win US$6,000 and random airdrop rewards.

PocketBuff Established GameFi Union DAO PocketBuff, a comprehensive global GameFi platform, has started building its GameFi Union DAO with multiple partners to enhance the Web3 game ecosystem and attract Web2 players to join. The AAA title Bless Global is the first game to be released on PocketBuff. The GameFi platform has reportedly already established partnerships with the following entities.

About Bless Global

Bless Global is published by Tigon Mobile, a subsidiary of KOSDAQ-listed Longtu Korea. Based on the original worldview and content of the PC game Bless, this AAA-level MMORPG retains the exceptional quality of Web2 games while incorporating the economic Web3 model. With epic storytelling and console-level graphics, the game vividly depicts a magical world of medieval fantasy. The Web3 Bless Global game grants players greater flexibility in owning, controlling, and trading their in-game assets and collectibles, allowing them to play for fun and play to win at the same time.

About Longtu Korea

Longtu Korea, a KOSDAQ-listed company, owns a vast collection of AAA games. His previous works Sword

While GameFi Yulgang Global has been acclaimed by more than 5 million gamers, the company decided to take its services to the next level by improving production and incorporating an innovative economic model in the new game Bless Global.

The public beta test will begin in the next few days. For those who are interested, click the link for more information. https://linktr.ee/blessglobal

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