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Regarding its commitment to Solidarity, Allianz Partners joins the Madrid Food Bank Foundation, accumulating the equivalent of 971 kilos of food during the Food Bank’s ‘Operation Kilo’

According to the latest data published by the European indicator AROPE, which measures both the risk of poverty and severe material deprivation and low employment intensity, almost 22% of Spanish residents are at risk of poverty or social exclusion. A situation confirmed by the Federation of Food Banks, who adds that the requests they have received this year are around 1.5 million users, and this figure may increase as a result of the current crisis and instability.

As a responsible company, committed to Solidarity and the Well-being of people, Allianz Partners joins the Banco de Alimentos de Madrid Foundation, which currently provides a daily meal to more than 190,000 people, through 560 charities and which together develop the campaign `The Great Collection of the Food Bank´, with regard to `Operation Kilo´.

From November 21 to December 2, Allianz Partners shared, through its internal and external channels, a web space managed by the Fundación Banco de Alimentos de Madrid, where both collaborators and people from outside the entity could register your contribution, and at the same time discover that your donation would become food baskets for the most vulnerable families. A solidarity action that becomes more relevant in these winter months, which represent an extra difficulty for families due to the cost of energy.

As a result of the campaign, a donation equivalent to 971 kilos of food was accumulated to serve more than 190 families, thanks to the direct management of the Madrid Food Bank Foundation.

“In recent months we have witnessed the difficulties that many families in Spain have had to face and we wanted to contribute our grain of sand to the Bancos de Alimentos de Madrid Foundation. I am particularly proud of the response of our collaborators, people involved and supportive thanks to which we have collected food to supply more than 190 families”, explains Borja Díaz, CEO of Allianz Partners Spain. Milagros Benito, head of Marketing and Communication at Banco de Alimentos de Madrid adds, “from the Fundación Banco de Alimentos de Madrid, we thank Allianz Partners and its collaborators for organizing this ‘Operation Kilo’, whose food will go entirely to to the most vulnerable population in our community”.


Contact name: Beatriz Toribio

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Caption: Allianz Partners collects food for more than 190 families Author: Allianz Partners Press