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SHANGHAI, March 16, 2023/PRNewswire/ — Angel Yeast, (SH600298), the world’s leading yeast manufacturer, has attended Food Ingredients China 2023, Asia’s leading trade fair for food additives and ingredients, to present their latest yeast innovations. Angel’s latest offerings aim to unlock the potential of yeast and biotechnology in food production and help feed producers capture the growing market.

Angel yeast extract technology takes convenience treats to the next level

The latest report from Innova Market Insights highlights that, after the pandemic, more than half of buyers give priority to the flavor, taste and health of their food when replenishing their supplies in China. This trend has been accompanied by the rise of Chinese convenience food, with pre-packaged dishes that simplify complex cooking procedures, while allowing consumers to enjoy dishes rich in flavor.

Capitalizing on this trend, Angel is pioneering food flavor enhancement technology to develop yeast extracts that can enhance the flavor profile of compound seasonings and seasonings. Taking advantage of the taste properties of yeast extracts, Angel has created a wide variety of solutions for convenience foods that give them a richer, fuller flavor. One of the star products presented at the fair is Angeoboost, a powerful umami yeast extract, naturally rich in nucleotides, which provides a strong Xian/Umami flavor to food products. For Chinese palates, Angel introduced the most refined compound seasoning solution for traditional Chinese dishes.

Improve bakery receipts with Levadura Plus

The report indicates that young people are taking the lead in flavor innovation, while the older generation is leaning towards cost-effectiveness, naturalness and health benefits. So food producers have to think about how to offer a diverse range of products that meet customer priorities. For this reason, Angel, together with Novozymes, has introduced the Yeast Plus series, consisting of various biological enzyme preparations, to improve the success rate of fermentation and save labor in dough kneading.

A healthier solution to improve the flavor and texture of Lamian noodles

The famous Lanzhou beef noodle soup (Lanzhou Lamian) is a must-have delicacy for tourists. In the past, a type of ash called Penghui was used to give the dough a chewy and delicious flavor for the noodles. Later, this ingredient was replaced by cheaper and more readily available chemical additives, but they emit a pungent odor during kneading and pose a risk to hands.

To address these issues, Angel has developed a new bioenzyme-based food ingredient that serves as a substitute for traditional Lamian dough-making additives, mitigating potential hazards during the food production process. This innovation minimizes the heat generated during kneading and eliminates unwanted odours. In addition, the new ingredient extends the shelf life of the dough in the freezer while maintaining its chewy texture and wheat aroma.

Ángel’s yeast proteins enable food producers to innovate

According to Innova Market Insights, in 2022, the development of new plant-based and vague food products saw a whopping 140% year-on-year growth, signaling the arrival of an expanding market for food production. This trend has turned into a vast market for unique and novel products. To help food manufacturers capture the growing market, Angel has also introduced its yeast-based protein and fermentation innovations to help them develop more nutritious and flavorful products.

Angeopro yeast protein is an excellent meat substitute, as it provides all nine essential amino acids needed by the human body. Rich in high-quality microbial proteins as well as branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), the product is a delicious and nutritious option for those looking for a sustainable and healthy protein source. Annzyme® Oat Milk Enzyme Solution improves the solubility of oat protein for a smoother texture. Its unique formula makes oat milk taste fresher and sweeter, improving the overall flavor profile and preserving its natural aroma.

For innovation in lactic acid bacteria fermentation

Angel presented FM503 fermentation nutrients and FP502 vegetable peptone. Certified by SC, KOSHER and HALAL, the two products have a high survival rate after freeze-drying and a long shelf life, as well as the ability to provide strong fermentative activity. Angel Plant Peptone FP503 is a stable solution to increase the production of lactic acid bacteria.

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