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SocialPubli Brand Detector is Artificial Intelligence that analyzes images and videos on Instagram and TikTok to identify the brands that influencers use in their daily lives

Madrid, May 6, 2024.- SocialPubli —the influencer marketing agency with more than 500,000 content creators in more than 30 countries— has launched Brand Detector, the AI ​​tool that in a few seconds issues a detailed report of the brands that influencers use in real life, thus facilitating the creation of honest collaborations focused on their real tastes and habits. Simply enter the name of the user to be analyzed and the social network in which you want to analyze in Brand Detector. The system will be launched and in just a few moments it will issue a complete report detailing the brands of clothing, accessories, everyday products and spaces that appear in the influencer’s content, even differentiating their real choices and tastes, from those that are the product of a paid collaboration.In this way, accurate information is obtained about the consumption habits of the influencers of the moment.The rise of AI for the benefit of humans  These are good times for influencer marketing: with solutions like Brand Detector, artificial intelligence has gone from being a threat to becoming a tool capable of multiplying profits, both for content creators and for the brands that invest in them.”Advertisers are often concerned that their influencers work with competition. Brand Detector solves this problem while helping us boost the careers of content creators through collaborations with the brands they really love. We are professionalizing the sector thanks to AI,” said Ismael El-Qudsi, CEO of SocialPubli. For his part, Juanan Roncero, Director of Innovation at SocialPubli and creator of Brand Detector, agrees that AI must facilitate human work, but not replace it:”At SocialPubli we are defenders of the sensitivity and creativity that only humans can contribute. Automating repetitive tasks and processes by reducing margins of error allows you to increase results and free up time for more creative tasks. In the end, this is about using artificial intelligence to our advantage, with a vision of innovation and entrepreneurship, instead of receiving it with uncertainty and fear.”

Contact Contact name:  Janet Hernández Contact description: SocialPubli – Director of Marketing Contact telephone number: 633542370