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Madrid, March 15, 2023.

The financial institution deployed a platform that allowed more than 300 employees to work remotely in record time. The bank has simplified the management of its IT, a benefit that has translated into better customer service

Nutanix, a leading company in hybrid multicloud technologies, announces that Banco Mediolanum has opted for its technology to adapt its business to a new time in which the demands of customers and employees have changed. In 2019, the entity contacted Nutanix for the first time and the knowledge of its solutions facilitated the implementation of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment when the health crisis caused by Covid-19 was decreed.Banco Mediolanum is a Spanish entity specialized in financial advice with a track record of more than 20 years and 350 employees. Headquartered in Valencia and operational headquarters in Barcelona, ​​it has a network of more than 1,600 advisors in Spain. When teleworking was conspicuous by its absence in most organizations, the innovative character of this entity led it to a scenario where a new infrastructure made it easy for his staff to work securely from any location. “Hyperconvergence was not well known when we took the step, but today we could not be more satisfied with this technology that gives us simplicity, flexibility in scalability and a platform resilient to any physical failure. With Nutanix we have improved our service, both from the product point of view, as well as customer service”, reveals Juan Carlos Server, Director of Operations at Banco Mediolanum. Nutanix’s hyperconvergence platform allowed Banco Mediolanum to have a new, simpler and more scalable architecture based on a set of nodes in which the software consolidates the computing, virtualization, security and storage layers and allows the administration and operation of services from a single centralized management console. At the same time, Nutanix minimized the impact of the pandemic, serving all of its customers as normal. In record time, some 300 employees, practically overnight, were able to work from home. The Nutanix technology platform has allowed the bank to multiply the value of its services and the quality of its customer service. Simplifying the management of its IT infrastructure has had a positive impact on its customer satisfaction. On occasions, a migration can cause service interruptions, but in this case, all the operations and normal development of the different departments of the bank maintained their continuity. The implementation of the virtual work desk, VDI, has allowed any employee of the entity has the option of working from any location. Thanks to Nutanix, the staff can carry out their work activity in the teleworking mode from their virtual desktops, without affecting the levels of productivity and security.”Financial institutions represent the vanguard in the adoption of new technologies and examples such as of Banco Mediolanum so certify it. We are pleased that our technology has been key for them to quickly achieve their objectives, enjoying a flexible IT environment with indisputable advantages for employees and, also, for the end customer”, says Jorge Vázquez, general manager of Nutanix Iberia.

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