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Men outnumber women by a ratio of two to one in the technology sector, according to data provided by the UN Secretary General

Spain, March 8, 2023.- The history of humanity is full of stories of women who at some point had to break barriers to raise their voices and open a gap in different professional sectors. In a context like the current one, where technological innovation invades all spaces of life, the presence of women is more important than ever. According to Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the UN, “while technology advances at full speed, women and girls are left behind.” Guterres indicated that these represent only a third of science, technology, engineering and mathematics students worldwide. “In the technology sector, men outnumber women by a ratio of two to one,” he said. Blockchain technology, metaverse platforms and Web3 are spaces where more and more women are joining. A positive fact, by becoming a reference and inspiration for other women who want to establish themselves in the world of technology. Creating spaces to foster support among women in this sector is essential. For this reason, BITLAB has just launched BITWOMANDAY. A project focused on holding free monthly networking events. The meetings will be attended by leading women in the sector, who will explain to other women the keys to getting started in the field of technology.”We must encourage the participation of women in the world of technology in which every day there are more female references, thus demonstrating that there are no barriers to reach the top.With this event we intend to help each other to generate synergies and create an inspiring environment, promoting the development of the necessary skills to face the challenges of industry 4.0 “, explains Rosa Ayari, Marketing Manager at BITLAB. The objective of BITWOMANDAY is to attract female talent from different areas to the technology sector and become the place where women can exchange experiences and advice on family reconciliation, training or entrepreneurship. The meetings will take place on the last Wednesday of each month online and in person. The first will be held on March 29. “In the coming weeks we will share more information about BITWOMANDAY on BITLAB’s social networks.” Broadcaster: BITLAB

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