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Madrid, February 1, 2023.

The area of ​​the breasts is one of the areas that presents the most aesthetic problems over time, which causes concern and emotional discomfort in many women. Doctor Life Clinics, a medical center specializing in hormonal rejuvenation techniques, present the BREAST LIFT treatment, a painless and fast method that helps restore elasticity, firmness and visual harmony to the breasts, mitigating the negative effects derived from age, lactation or radical changes in weight

The loss of firmness in the chest caused by age and other factors is a source of restlessness and loss of self-esteem. This is one of the areas where women perceive the passing of the years the most, since the breasts change their shape, consistency and proportions with variations in weight, pregnancy and lactation. Thanks to the Breast Lift treatment, a female rejuvenation method that does not require surgery or hospitalization, you can recover a young and firm looking breast. After an exhaustive assessment of each patient, the specialized medical team of the Doctor Life Clinics is in charge of indicating the area where it is most convenient to apply the treatment. It is a method that uses platelet-rich plasma or PRP. To do this, a small amount of blood is extracted from the patient and with the most advanced techniques the plasma is obtained, which releases growth factors and cytokines that help the correct formation of blood vessels and collagen. Subsequently, the clinical team will return to inject the platelet-rich serum into the previously established area of ​​the breasts, beginning the process of skin rejuvenation. The intervention lasts only 30 minutes, does not require anesthesia, and recovery is immediate. In a few days, thanks to the regenerative properties of platelets, the patient will begin to see an improvement in the color tone of the breast, firmness, increased elasticity and a younger and healthier appearance. This is one of the techniques of Aesthetic medicine belonging to the Vampire category of Doctor Life Clinics, which is today the only officially accredited center in the European Union to perform them. These interventions help to detoxify, drain, nourish, revitalize, maintain and balance cells and are a quick, effective and certified solution to alleviate the negative consequences, both physical and mental, that aesthetic problems cause in women’s breasts. .

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