Biospecimen and Biomarker Specialist Adds Next-Generation OLINK Explore HT Capability

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., Oct. 5, 2023/PRNewswire/ — Discovery Life Sciences (Discovery), a biospecimen and biomarker specialist, today announced the expansion of its high-throughput proteomics services with the addition of Olink Explore HT. The new Olink Explore HT platform, a next-generation proteomics solution, achieves greater accuracy and speed, enhancing Discovery’s position as a comprehensive provider of proteomics and multi-omics services.

The Olink platform offers exceptional sensitivity and specificity for protein biomarker measurement. Olink Explore HT is the company’s latest solution for high-throughput proteomics, allowing scientists to accurately measure more than 5,300 proteins using just two microliters of sample.

The addition of Olink Explore HT to Discovery’s clinical and research services will have a significant impact in three key areas:

Discovery’s Proteomics Center provides the most current technologies in mass spectrometry, plasma proteomics and the full spectrum of Olink solutions, including Olink Explore HT, Explore 3072, Target, Focus and Flex, each designed to suit a variety of targets. scientists. The Center has the scientific expertise to maximize the ability of these cutting-edge technologies to measure thousands of proteins from just microliters of complex samples, including plasma and serum, in a single experiment.

“We are excited to see Olink’s entire portfolio of proteomics solutions being adopted by Discovery Life Sciences, a global leader in proteomics applications,” said Mike Irwin, vice president of Sales and Marketing at Olink. “As part of a global network of service providers and with its specialty in biospecimens and the implementation of next-generation Olink proteomics solutions, Discovery is well positioned to contribute to a safer, healthier world.”

“Discovery continues to lead the proteomics revolution,” said Glenn Bilawsky, CEO of Discovery. “By integrating Olink Explore HT with our access to the world’s largest biospecimen inventory and the advanced robotic automation of our Proteomics Center, we significantly improve the quality, speed and efficiency of protein biomarker analyses. We can provide target samples for the analysis and obtain more data from smaller samples in less time than our competitors. Our continued investment in innovative technologies like Olink Explore HT allows us to fulfill our mission of helping our customers advance new therapies and diagnostics for patients and their caregivers.” .

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