AMSTERDAM, June 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Flytxt, a leading provider of AI-based SaaS to maximize Customer Lifecycle Value (CLTV), has launched a Generative AI that helps designers of digital products. This first-of-its-kind generative AI application solves a critical problem facing digital businesses around the world: efficient product design faster and at scale.

“Getting product to market in volatile markets is challenging, as the ease of adoption of digital products also reduces switching costs for customers. Generative AI is well suited to solve this challenge. You can programmatically evaluate various potential product designs to find the right one,” said Dr. Vinod Vasudevan, CEO of Flytxt.

Flytxt’s generative AI can optimize pricing, product attributes, bundling options, and associated benefits to achieve business objectives such as increased revenue, retention, or margin.

Generative AI has been used above all to create original multimedia content and enable intelligent conversations, one example being tools like ChatGPT. Flytxt’s innovative application of Generative AI will open up new possibilities for product managers to introduce innovations in product design and ensure a higher success rate.

“Flytxt envisions broad applicability of Generative AI in many Customer Experience workflows such as product and campaign design,” continued Dr. Vinod Vasudevan, CEO of Flytxt. “We will continue to embed powerful AI capabilities like Generative AI into our solutions to help users make accurate decisions that impact long-term value creation.”

Additionally, Flytxt’s generative AI adds the ability to explain the decisions made by the AI. This transparency allows product managers to critically review the rationale behind the AI-recommended design, before they decide to approve and release the product to market.

About Flytxt

Flytxt is the trusted technology partner of more than 70 digital companies on its client list in more than 50 countries, as well as the leading CX platform providers for customer lifecycle value (CLTV) maximization. Its award-winning proprietary CLTV AI has been designed and trained from real insights and patterns from over a billion consumers and trillions of data points. The company has a corporate office in Dubai, global development centers in India, and a presence in Mexico, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Spain, and Kenya.


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