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– Groupe Renault and Schneider Electric, pioneers in sustainability, clean up mobility with green electric technology

– The Renault Group deploys the ecological and digital technology AirSeT, which eliminates the greenhouse gas SF in medium voltage switchgear

– AirSeT’s digital capabilities also improve cybersecurity and energy reliability, and optimize maintenance

RUEIL-MALMAISON, France, Dec. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Schneider Electric, a leader in the digital transformation of energy management and industrial automation, supplies the Renault Group with SF-free AirSeT equipment, an innovative solution that eliminates the SF greenhouse gas from their medium voltage equipment at the Flins Refactory.

The GHG-free AirSeT team contributes to Groupe Renault’s circular economy goals

The Renault Group aims to be carbon negative in Refactory by 2030 and to be fully carbon neutral in Europe by 2040. To achieve this goal, the group deploys innovative solutions that remove the greenhouse gas SF from its medium voltage equipment in the Flins factory, using the Schneider Electric SM AirSeTTM MV equipment. This sustainable MV equipment uses pure air and vacuum interruption technology instead of sulfur hexafluoride (SF).

SF is commonly used in electrical distribution equipment, but it is 25,200 times more potent than carbon dioxide (CO) in terms of global warming potential (GWP). The SF is increasingly the subject of climate-focused efforts and regulations. It has been included in the Kyoto Protocol, an international treaty by which the UN parties agree to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Green and digital by design

Removing SF and replacing it with clean air offers the immediate benefit of removing a potent greenhouse gas (Scope 4) from the equation, but it also simplifies equipment installation, disassembly and recycling, while limiting costs. Built with circularity in mind, SM AirSeT’s rugged design is used in combination with digital features to extend equipment operational life by more than 30%.

The solution’s digital and connected capabilities also address Refactory’s broader concerns of:

AirSeT offers a solution to all three of these problems. MV equipment is cybersecure and has built-in smart sensors that offer 24/7 connectivity. This allows Groupe Renault to remotely monitor the operation of the Refactory MV equipment to perform condition-based maintenance and increase safety. Sensor data is fed to local Refactory tools and applications and to sophisticated analysis tools such as those offered by Schneider Electric’s robust EcoStruxure architecture and platform.

Full range of digital native features unlock the value of data to optimize operations and maintenance

AirSeT technology is designed for secondary electrical distribution markets such as industrial and commercial building and utility applications. These sectors are increasingly challenged to reduce their environmental footprint in an attempt to support climate action and accelerate the energy transition.

“In the fight against climate change, it is imperative to move away from F-gases to accelerate decarbonization,” said Frederic Godemel, executive vice president of Power Systems at Schneider Electric. “Green power is about much more than renewable power generation and efficient energy consumption. SM AirSeT fits into the crucial middle space, where significant environmental improvements have to be achieved.”

Schneider Electric is a pioneer in environmentally friendly MV equipment solutions

Like the Renault Group, Schneider Electric has focused on finding opportunities to increase sustainability. Schneider Electric has pioneered the shift to SF-free MV technology, replacing gas with pure air. Commercially launched in 2021, SM AirSeT has received multiple awards and recognitions as an enabler of the green and efficient energy transition. These include the Industrial Energy Efficiency Award at Hannover Messe, the Top 10 Innovations Award from the Innovation for Cool Earth Forum, and an iF Design Award. In addition, the company’s project with E.ON in Sweden won the enerTIC Award for smart grid. AirSeT technology was also recently honored at the 2022 Energy Mastering Awards and recognized by Climate Week NYC’s International Carbon Handprint Award.

The technology has been successfully tested in numerous utilities, infrastructures and buildings, by clients such as GreenAlp in France, EEC Engie in New Caledonia and Azienda Trasporti Milanesi in Italy.

Schneider Electric is committed to phasing out SF from its products. It is consistently building a complete portfolio of green alternatives to its SF-based MV equipment, with new green offerings dedicated to more industrial applications, including electro-intensive industries. With this action, the company will avoid the equivalent of about 4 million tons of CO emissions per year.

Schneider Electric’s series of R&D pilot projects is co-funded by the EU Life programme.

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