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SHENZHEN, China, March 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Growatt announced the debut of its UK website on March 15, 2023, shortly after the launch of its German website, as part of its goal to expand its footprint in Europe. The new website will make it easier for UK customers to access Growatt’s innovative portable power solutions, while expanding Growatt’s European market reach.

As the UK has experienced a significant increase in demand for clean energy in recent years, users are increasingly looking for renewable energy storage solutions. INFINITY 1500 is designed to meet the growing power needs of users both indoors and outdoors. With a capacity of 1512Wh and a power of 2,000W, the INFINITY 1500 solar generator can be used as a reliable standby power source at home or on the go, capturing endless green energy to alleviate today’s growing energy stress.

“The UK new energy sector is expanding rapidly and this is a great opportunity for Growatt to showcase its strengths,” said Lisa Zhang, Growatt’s Vice President of Marketing. “We plan to launch more models to meet different scenarios or energy needs. A perfect renewable energy solution must go beyond a portable power station, effectively meeting the different energy needs of an entire generation and offering real solutions to the energy problems of users in different scenarios”.

Overall, the launch of its solar solutions in Germany and the UK is a significant milestone in Growatt’s big green energy landscape in Europe. Recognized by European users, Growatt, which acts as a solar pioneer and regards portable solar generator as an important part of its product line, will further expand business territory and achieve zero-carbon and sustainable goal through advanced technologies. innovative.

The Growatt INFINITY 1500 will be available for purchase from the official Growat website on March 15.

About Growatt

A globally recognized new energy expert, Growatt has been favored by more than 3 million clean energy enthusiasts worldwide since 2011. Focusing on the field of clean power generation, storage and digitalization, Growatt offers smart energy solutions for all scenarios that allow energy independence for all. As a pioneer in this field, Growatt has accumulated years of experience and has industry-leading technology to drive a smarter and more reliable clean energy life for individuals, families and businesses. Click and learn more about Growatt portable power stations.

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