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Alicante, January 11, 2024.

Its solutions, conceived as ‘comfort with views’, transcend the home, being, at the same time, ideal products for offices, hotels, restaurants and other complexes and buildings. All under one leitmotiv, the commitment to sustainability

The company Glass by Gaviota, a leader in enclosures and protection of outdoor spaces thanks to sustainable and innovative bioclimatic solutions, concludes 2023 with an ”excellent” balance, according to brand sources. With very positive numbers that exceed in percentage last year, and guided by the priority of responding to the needs of intermediary professionals in the sector, the firm is prepared to continue working in the same line of business in 2024. An upward curve characterized by the consolidation and recognition of its solutions , the commitment to sustainability, as well as qualitative and quantitative growth in all its areas. In this way, and facing the year that begins, the brand’s main objective is to expand its line of solutions and products, in order that distributors and end customers continue to choose the transparency that characterizes their solutions ‘inside and out’. 2023, a year of consolidation, growth and expansion for the brand, without leaving aside its great pillar, the energy commitment Stabilization and leadership of its products, which began to emerge in 2022, have been other great characteristics this year for Glas by Gaviota. This is the case of the strengthening of Zoe or its sustainable line of PVC windows and sliding doors. Without forgetting the Aura range, sliding and folding glass enclosures, which promote acoustic and thermal insulation. Also notable is the Climatika Plus line or the Climatika configurator, an intuitive simulator so that professionals and users can assess how their different products would look in different spaces. The main reasons for its success speak of highly intuitive, practicable solutions, and with maximum benefits, without leaving aside a key aspect of the firm, the possibility of combining and personalizing them according to the user’s own needs. But, in 2023, the brand has also been closely linked to values ​​and concepts that have accompanied it since its birth. , such as Passivhaus or Energy Efficiency, very present, especially in some of its products (this is the case of PVC windows and sliding doors). Precisely ”in this sustainable line” sources from the firm assure that ”they will continue working as before.” Likewise, Glass by Gaviota has completed the ‘final seal’ on its new and modern facilities in the province in 2023. of Alicante, a location and space in line with new times and needs and with the objective of complete and efficient manufacturing of all its products. Established in the tourism and hotel sector, the company also acts as an inspirational guide for lovers of architecture and of design The past has also been an exercise marked by professional advice and support in multifunctional environments, whether residential, professional or tourist. Open and modern spaces, where minimalism becomes relevant without leaving aside the elegance of decorative solutions. And, the firm proposes a new way of understanding spaces thanks to transparency and elegance, important qualities in the branch of architecture, design or decoration. Therefore, the usability and informative contribution that the Glass by Gaviota website offers to professionals, distributors and consumers is notable, where they can explore each of the Glass by Gaviota products in detail. Finally, it should be noted that, in 2023, The firm has also positioned itself in the hotel sector, specifically in very touristy places in Spain, such as the recent success story in Peñíscola. Thanks to its bioclimatic pergolas, the firm was able to contribute to one of the most desirable hotels in the area, the Hotel PortoCristo, whose terrace it recently helped to renovate thanks to its ‘iconic Climatika’. With a full agenda for 2024, where there will be no shortage of appointments professionals and the promotion of new solutions, the brand will continue working for what is already its main distinction in the market, the user’s ability to control the climate in a given space.

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