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Madrid, January 3, 2024.- The average duration of a selection process is around two or three months. This is the time during which the company is dedicating resources to talent selection, while having an unfilled job position. Position, whose tasks and responsibilities are not moving forward in the way they should.

To put an end to this problem, Hirint launches its soft skills assessment tool. State-of-the-art psychometric tests that speed up the evaluation of candidates and guarantee finding the most suitable ones for each position. At the same time, they improve the experience of applicants.

Unlike other tests used in recruitment, this type of test allows an objective evaluation of both the technical skills and the soft skills of the candidates. In this way, it is easier to have a holistic version of the capabilities of each job applicant.

By applying this type of tests in the initial phases of selection, the process of identifying those candidates who best fit the requirements of the position is speeded up. In this way, they become the ideal complement for the curricular screening.

The tests are tests that have a scientific basis and that completely leave aside subjective impressions. Thus, subjective bias is no longer the protagonist in hiring decision-making. They are also tools that allow you to learn about skills and qualities that are not easy to detect through a conventional job interview.

Technology has significantly transformed the way psychometric testing is conducted. The use of online platforms to take the tests is improving the experience of candidates, who no longer have to travel or wait for a day and time to take their evaluation.

On the other hand, technology makes it possible to create much more personalized tests tailored to the needs of each company, resulting in more effective evaluations.

Ultimately, the application of technology to this type of selection methodologies allows data analysis to be automated, generating reports that objectively evaluate the capabilities of the applicants and that are easy to understand by the personnel in charge of the selection.

The technology applied to psychometric tests allows the selection process to be streamlined because the tests are designed, applied and evaluated automatically by software. In this way, the work of recruiters focuses on making informed decisions and choosing the best candidates.

Hirint’s solution to ensure agile and highly effective recruitment involves the use of cutting-edge technologies.

Companies can customize psychometric tests based on the skills and abilities they are looking for in candidates. These perform the tests remotely, and the results are ready instantly. With Hirint, creating highly effective work teams becomes much easier and faster.

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