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Hisense Americas President David Gold gave a keynote address on Hisense’s commitment to bringing the world closer together by integrating display technologies into everyday life

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Hisense, a global electronics and home appliance corporation, announces new products and a vision for the brand at CES 2024. David Gold, president of Hisense Americas, gave a keynote speech promising to continue “expanding the limits of display technology”, which led the company to “reimagine scenarios where screens are indispensable. We go beyond technology and combine our solutions and expertise in infinite everyday environments.”

With Hisense products available in more than 160 countries, supported by 66 overseas companies and offices, 34 industrial parks and 25 research and development centers, the company has experienced extraordinary growth over the last decade and continues to use display technologies to meet the needs of consumers. Hisense’s reach goes far beyond the home and encompasses various aspects of everyday life: entering offices, classrooms, hospitals, stadiums and vehicles, both physically and through immersive AR/VR solutions.

David Gold summarizes Hisense’s commitment during his keynote: ‘Hisense is not just about building displays; It’s about creating scenarios. Our commitment is to bring the world closer by integrating display technology into everyday life, offering experiences that transcend the screen and become part of the story you are living.’

Innovative concept to improve home entertainment

Display innovation was described through examples of specific product display scenarios and new technologies, particularly around the revolutionary Laser TV technology, cutting-edge ULED TVs and the combination of Hisense’s ConnectLife smart platform with the operating system. VIDAA TV.

Hisense’s ULED series meets consumer needs for quality, performance and value. Mini LED technology was also integrated across the entire line of premium televisions, transforming the way home entertainment is defined by enabling versatility in entertainment solutions for families. Other products included in the booth are the new Hisense 8K Sonic Screen Laser TV, Ultra Black Screen TV, and TriChroma laser technology with new Dynamic Light Steering technology.

Creating experiences that transcend the boundaries of traditional exhibitions.

David Gold outlined the breadth of impact that comes with innovation in display technology, drawing on specific examples of where Hisense has improved everyday scenarios.

This includes how Hisense B2B displays play a critical role in professional and educational environments, at a time when remote work and global connectivity are redefining collaboration, enabling effortless communication, whether in person or remotely. . In sports and entertainment, LED screens, video walls and digital signage in stadiums bring sports enthusiasts and concertgoers even closer to the action, without missing a moment. In the medical field, this pivotal moment is brought to life by delivering advanced and precise imaging technology in ultrasound machines, right down to the images that light up at home on a television screen. The interconnection possibilities are endless.

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