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The weather conditions have made this a challenging season for those allergic to pollen in the center of the peninsula, where high temperatures and rainfall in recent weeks increase its concentration. Protecting the skin and eyes outdoors, keeping clothing free of allergens by properly washing and drying indoors, in addition to using air purifiers to keep spaces free of irritating particles, are some tricks to relieve symptoms.

Madrid, May 23, 2024.- With the arrival of good weather, so do the numerous seasonal allergies that, this year, are expected to hit even harder due to the weather conditions of last winter. Coughing, a scratchy throat or sneezing are the most common complaints, but what can allergy sufferers do to relieve these symptoms? Avoiding walking with exposed body parts, lying on the grass, wearing sunglasses outdoors, taking a shower when you get home to remove accumulated pollen, or drying clothes inside the house are some of the recommendations. A effective trick:  the role of air purifiers Air purifiers are one of the most effective remedies to alleviate allergic symptoms. According to a study published by the British publisher Taylor

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