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VIENNA, Dec. 4, 2023/PRNewswire/ — Huawei participated in the 15th annual Peter Drucker Global Forum, which ended on December 1, where the company held a parallel workshop for European startups for the first time. The boot camp came as part of Huawei’s commitment to foster 10,000 startups worldwide by 2025 and 1,000 startups in Europe by 2027.

The Peter Drucker Global Forum is an international conference that pays tribute to the management philosophy of the late business guru Peter Drucker, who was born in Vienna in 1909. Each year, it brings together global business leaders and academics to discuss best management practices. . This year, the theme was “Building Resilience: Leading in an Era of Discontinuity.”

Speaking at the main event, Radoslaw Kedzia, Senior Vice President of Huawei’s European Region, said: “I believe that technological innovation, such as Huawei Cloud’s Pangu AI model, and the evolution of management that will adapt to an environment changing and building partnerships, including with SMEs, are key steps to finding resilience and recovering from chaos.”

Huawei and the Peter Drucker Global Forum invited around 20 SMEs from Vienna and across Europe to provide them with practical business training and also offer them a valuable opportunity to network and learn from top business professionals. This parallel workshop included interactive masterclasses on practical skills for hiring the right people and product presentations. Speakers included Carla Arellano, Partner at Greyhound Capital and Professor Curt Carlson, Distinguished Executive in Residence at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Participants also learned how Huawei helps accelerate the growth of SMEs. Zhuang Fen, Director of Global Industry Development, Huawei Cloud Global Sales and Marketing Service, said: “We enable startups to unleash their global potential with our dedicated technology support, joint marketing and cloud services. Startups They also benefit from credits and cloud access tailored to our extensive global network and ecosystem, fostering success in the competitive marketplace.” Other Huawei speakers mentioned the Acceleration4Change program and the International Startup Scale Up program in Italy and Ireland.

The workshop was also attended by managers from young technology companies that had previously benefited from working with Huawei. “Ours is a collaborative journey towards migrating our on-premises platforms to the Huawei cloud that offers scalability, security and efficiency,” said Jonni Malacarne, CEO of Blue Tensor. The company provides an AI-based framework with turnkey products Eyerus (for computer vision/predictive analytics) and Linguanalysis for document management.

Wolfgang Lassl, strategy director of the Peter Drucker Global Forum, thanked Huawei for the workshop. “It is totally in line with Peter Drucker’s vision and ours: we need an entrepreneurial society and SMEs are the driving force behind it. They innovate and create the basis for their wealth and the productive use of resources. Thanks to their creativity , can help us be more resilient.

Before the Peter Drucker Global Forum, SMEs had the opportunity to visit UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) to learn about AIM-Global (Global Alliance on AI for Industry

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