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Although Santiago de Compostela is a city that does not have 100,000 inhabitants, tens of thousands of people come every year to get to know and enjoy it and many other students and professionals change their residence to this town to focus on their careers and jobs.

Santiago de Compostela, January 30, 2024.- At VINCUSYS, the Compostela group of companies that offers marketing and technology services for SMEs, they encountered a growing demand for information about the city, both from its inhabitants, many of They were not born in the city itself, as for its visitors. I Love Compostela was born from the idea of ​​concentrating all the relevant information about Santiago in one place, to facilitate its access and publicize its numerous benefits in different languages ​​(Galician, Spanish and English), and thus respond to that gap.

I Love Compostela is a project focused on the cultural, leisure and tourism sector. Through its portal, it presents the most beautiful and important corners of Santiago de Compostela, a city declared a World Heritage Site, as well as the most outstanding activities it offers throughout the year. The website, www.ilovecompostela.com, discovers the richness of its streets, squares and monuments, the uniqueness of its temples and historical buildings and its varied cultural and gastronomic offer. All in one place.

And, so that Compostela residents by birth and adoption, as well as tourists and visitors, can feel more proud than ever of Santiago, I Love Compostela has launched an exclusive and limited line of products based on the design of its own trademark. This represents the love for the city, evoked through the pilgrim shell, now shaped like a heart. Currently, they are available for purchase on the web, but also in the emblematic Monte do Gozo hostel and in some stores in Santiago, in the old and new area, such as Fotos Novoa or Dieztelecom.

I Love Compostela is, in short, a new demonstration of support for local culture and leisure, one of VINCUSYS’ commitments since its inception. Two years after the birth of VINCUTICKET, which allows small venues to sell tickets to their events for free and which has now just launched a new, more visual, simple and intuitive portal, I Love Compostela represents another VINCUSYS commitment to culture and local leisure.

The marketing agency has been showing its firm commitment to these areas previously, sponsoring the Feito a Man festival, which is two decades old, the Confluencias festival and the Agustito cycle, held at the Camalea and the Borriquita in Belén, among others.


Contact name: Teresa Iglesias

Contact description: I Love Compostela

Contact telephone number: 881 830 362