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Blinded, Controlled Studies at the University of Tulsa Validate Quantum Upgrade®

SCHOERFLING, Austria, April 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — New research conducted at the University of Tulsa Biochemistry Laboratory demonstrates that Quantum Upgrade ┬« helps speed up the recovery of human cells after the cells are “scratched” ” with a laser.

Quantum Upgrade is a technology service that provides a continuous flow of quantum energy to people in many environments, including homes, cars, and businesses. Studies of the effects of Quantum Upgrade on human dermal fibroblasts exposed to laser scratch stress were conducted over 12 months by Robert Sheaff, PhD, associate professor of biochemistry. All five studies were conducted under strictly controlled conditions, without research staff knowing which cells were exposed to Quantum Upgrade energy and which were not. The results showed that human cells exposed to concentrated natural quantum energy through Quantum Upgrade healed 50% to 100% faster than cells in control groups.

“We are pleased that the results speak for themselves,” said Philipp von Holtzendorff-Fehling, Founder and CEO of Leela Quantum Tech and Quantum Upgrade. “We hope to continue research in this and other areas.”

Human dermal fibroblasts (HDFs) are cells that play a central role in skin development and wound healing. These studies with Quantum Upgrade were conducted in a biochemistry research laboratory and evaluated the healing progress of cells over several days. Millions of cells were in the treated group and the control group of each study, and five studies were conducted over the course of 12 months. The data from each study showed clear evidence of accelerated cellular healing over time, revealing a significant increase in the rate of cellular recovery when Quantum Upgrade was used.

The Quantum Upgrade system incorporates technology from Leela Quantum Tech. The research data is available through the International Association for Quantum Technology and Frequency Medicine (IFQTF). The IFQTF Association plans to continue collaborating with leading research institutions around the world to educate about the positive effects that quantum technology and frequency medicine have on biological processes.

About the International Association for Quantum Technology and Frequency Medicine (IFQTF)The International Association for Quantum Technology and Frequency Medicine is a pioneering nonprofit organization at the forefront of the research, development and application of quantum technology and frequency medicine. He is adept at managing validation studies, covering everything from rapid pilot studies with research site partners. Our comprehensive services include participant recruitment, onboarding, data collection, project management, study compliance, data aggregation, analysis and publication. https://ifqtf.org/

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