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imo’s new Passkeys feature leads the way to secure and seamless communication

LONDON, Jan. 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Popular instant communication platform imo recently launched Passkeys, allowing passwordless login via biometrics. Powered by robust asymmetric cryptography technology, the feature also reduces credential theft, ushering in a new standard of seamless authentication that delivers the optimal balance of security, privacy and convenience that users demand.

With passkeys, users can conveniently unlock their imo account using their face, fingerprint or PIN during login. These biometric data are not sent to imo to safeguard the privacy of users. imo’s next-generation asymmetric cryptography protects users against password theft by malicious websites. Using fingerprint and facial recognition to verify a user’s identity eliminates the need to remember passwords and undergo the cumbersome secondary authentication process via SMS, especially across borders. These features create a seamless and highly secure login that improves the login experience for imo’s global user base.

Passkeys mean a major improvement in security and account access. Leading platforms like WhatsApp and TikTok have also implemented the technology to go beyond vulnerable password-based systems and tedious SMS-based two-factor authentication. imo joins this shift towards stronger login security.

As global communication advances, security concerns remain paramount. imo remains committed to developing innovative solutions for seamless, private messaging between global users. Passkeys represents the next generation of login technology and imo is proud to drive this new standard for its expanding global user base.

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About imo

imo is a global instant communication platform that aims to provide the most convenient, interactive and fun way for people to connect. Through accessible audio and video communication services, imo connects more than 200 million users in 62 languages ​​in more than 170 countries and regions around the world. imo has been empowering people with the ability to connect across miles and borders with each other.

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