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Madrid, March 17, 2023.

Last October the Infinity Talent 2022 inter-company round came to an end where Inetum was postulated as the winner, beating the Atmira team in the League of Legends tournament. The tournament, which took place in October, had the companies Inetum, Prodware, ViewNext and Atmira as representatives. This match was part of the EVO Cup, which was broadcast live through the Infinity Talent Twitch channel and later posted on its website

The EVO Cup was the first online tournament for esport teams between companies in the technology sector organized by Infinity Talent and sponsored by EVO Banco, Bankinter’s 100% digital bank, with the support of collaborators such as Ozone, Krom, Synctech and Clave CD. In fact, Eduardo Ozaita, general director of EVO Banco, has been in charge of delivering the EVO Cup to the representative of the League of Legends team, which represents Inetum, at the headquarters of the financial entity. EVO Banco, the bank 100% of Bankinter responds 100% digitally to all the financial needs that a person has throughout their lives (savings, investment, financing, mortgages, means of payment, etc.) and its vision is to be the most attractive bank for digital customers who positively value its ease, quality and price and who, in addition, demand a comprehensive financial service. Second Edition After the success of said tournament in its first edition, the celebration of a second edition of the inter-company tournament has already been made official, in which there are eight confirmed companies. Infinity Talent has internal leagues in companies such as Inetum and Prodware, where more than 1,000 workers have been part of these video game tournaments throughout the year and from which the teams that have represented each of the companies in the EVO Cup have emerged. The company Indra has also recently joined the Enterprise Gaming League [EGL]. In this new season, the EGL organized by Infinity Talent highlights the need for this type of activity in large companies, which has a positive effect on customer retention. talent and teamwork, being one of the main attractions of the same for human resources managers. “It is great entertainment for workers, encouraging their involvement with their colleagues and the company” as highlighted by one of the companies participating in the EGL. All companies that want to have their own internal esports competition and be able to participate in the future inter-company cup may do so through the Infinity Talent registration form.

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