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40% of Spanish companies looked for professionals outside the country to cover the shortage of professionals. Software developers, specialists in sales and business development, as well as digital marketing are the profiles most in demand to work remotely from abroad for Spanish companies

Madrid, March 15, 2023.- The shortage of talent with knowledge of certain areas of high demand is a problem that affects many companies in Spain in recent times. There is an imbalance between demand and supply of HR in various sectors, and throughout the hierarchical scale, from basic personnel to managers. This is a situation that, far from being reduced, tends to increase in certain high-growth areas such as professions related to the digital world, computer programming, health, engineering, construction, and financial services.

Data from the National Institute of Statistics show that in 2022 there were 145,053 unfilled job vacancies in Spain, twice as many as in 2013 due to the scarcity of specific professional profiles, something that is common to other countries of the European Union and that is beginning to affect many economic sectors.

To adapt to this reality, Spanish companies are looking for alternative solutions to the usual processes, with international remote work being one of the fastest growing and best prospects. The possibility of working from any part of the world beyond the borders of the country has allowed Spanish companies to access a larger pool of highly qualified candidates and professionals. This trend makes it easier for companies to find candidates with the specific skills they need to carry out their projects, and for professionals to work for companies around the world without having to physically relocate. In addition, remote work can also improve the quality of life of employees, by offering greater flexibility in terms of hours and geographic location.

“Foreign professionals can bring a fresh perspective and extensive experience to Spanish companies, which can be very valuable in an increasingly competitive global market”, states the “Study on the recruitment of highly qualified foreign professionals in Spain” by IOM, International Organization for Migration.

This alternative is already a reality for many companies. In 2022, various job boards registered nearly double the number of teleworking vacancies than in 2021; This confirms the consolidation of this modality in the labor market after the pandemic.

The most demanded profiles to work remotely in Spain and abroad

In an increasingly globalized labor market, many Spanish companies have discovered that, in order to be competitive and not stifle their growth, as well as to reduce their labor costs, they should not limit the search for talent to their national borders.

According to the international remote talent search and selection company 1MIB, the profiles most in demand for remote work in Spain are specialists in digital marketing, computer programmers and all kinds of software, commercial and business development executives, graphic designers and specialists in customer service, which reflects the importance of new technologies and digitization in the current job market.

To hire professionals who can telework from outside Spain, many companies choose to outsource the HR recruitment service, contract management, as well as international payroll, something that allows them to optimize resources and access advanced technology to carry out the recruitment work.

The solution to locate the best talent and save on labor costs

The outsourcing of HR services is one of the keys for these companies to attract the best international talent in a short space of time, and not be restricted to personnel located locally or nationally. In fact, the perception among companies that the location of the personnel is indifferent is more and more frequent; what is essential is its quality and adaptation to the needs. In addition, “recruiting abroad to provide remote services allows companies and organizations to achieve savings due to the difference in wages between countries; and international talent, to expand their professional opportunities beyond their national borders” as indicated in 1MIB, specialists in Remote Talent Outsourcing.

1MIB has hired numerous international professionals and stands out, mainly, for its ability to locate and offer the best talent in Spanish in a competitive and fast way. To do this, the company has an internally developed metasearch engine that allows it to reach a high number of professionals who meet the requirements sought.

Organizations can be advised to carry out the search and recruitment of the right professional themselves, their hiring and payment of their remuneration, or receive a turnkey service that includes these and other services from 1MIB.


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