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“Orgullosa de mí” by SM is back, an initiative aimed at teachers, families, children and young people, to promote equality through reading.

SM highlights a selection of children’s and youth literature books, starring girls and women who break stereotypes.

Eight out of ten Spanish young people demand more training on gender equality in educational centers, according to the Flash Survey. A young perspective on current issues, from the SM Foundation.

Madrid, March 2, 2023.- Can you imagine a world in which women hold the most important positions and men take care of the children and care? Where the streets and schools are named after illustrious women and there has never been a male Prime Minister, although there have been some ministers; where grammar marks the use of the feminine as generic; where men’s soccer competitions do not interest the media; where the physique of men is questioned daily… It sounds like the world is upside down, right?

That’s the premise of award-winning French author and teacher Florence Hinckel’s novel. Inside Out turns reality upside down so that boys and girls question gender inequalities and want to change the world in which they live. The protagonist of the book, a girl with a twin brother, writes at her father’s request about her world, and ends up realizing that, contrary to what she thought at first, men have it much more difficult than women to get ahead.

Youth demand training on gender equality

The revelation that Lea ends up having about the importance of moving forward so that there is true equality between boys and girls is shared by the majority of young people in our country. 87% think gender equality should be just as important for men as it is for women, according to data from the Flash Survey. A young perspective on current issues, from the SM Foundation.

Eight out of ten young Spaniards state that more importance should be given to training on gender equality in schools. For this, SM returns with the “Proud of me” campaign, which promotes equality through reading. And it does so with titles that turn the world upside down to detect and give visibility to everyday discrimination, small and large.

From SM we believe that education is key to change things. For this reason, we take special care in our publications, in the use of language and in our characters. We bet on stories where there are no differences between “boys’ things” and “girls’ things”, since for more than eighty-five years we have been working to educate in the values ​​of equality.

Inside Out is one of the 2023 novelties of SM’s “Proud of Me” initiative, which brings together a wide selection of SM children’s and youth literature books that educate on equality. Discover here the rest of the stories starring strong and independent girls and women who break stereotypes.


Manual for super feminists

Author and illustrator: Mirion Malle

64 pages. €12.95. From 12 years. YE

Are you a feminist? In a society as complicated as the current one, a “toolbox” is needed to see the prejudices and injustices that exist, whether based on gender, skin color or physical appearance… This informative comic, with cartoons Light-hearted and colorful, it explains key concepts of feminism to young readers.

the wolves wait

Natasha Friend

150 pages. €14.94. From 14 years. YE

A novel about the culture of rape and the importance of mutual support to end the impunity of the “herds”. Nora seems like the perfect girl with the perfect life. That is why it is so strange that she, precisely, appears unconscious one night on the golf course. An agile and fresh story to awaken the collective conscience of young readers.


Changes, changes, changes!

Marawa Ibrahim. Ilustracion: Sinem Erkas

226 pages. €14.94. From 10 years. YE

If you want to know why you live on a roller coaster of emotions, what is the period and what is the best intimate hygiene product, how to keep your body and mind in shape… If you want to know yourself a little more inside and out , keep reading! This fun guide is full of tips to better understand all these changes, and you will discover that we have all been through the same thing.

they count

Katherine Halligan. Illustration: Sarah Walsh

112 pages. €14.94. From 10 years. YE

Marie Curie, Dian Fossey, Billie Holiday, Rosa Parks, Malala Yousafzai… are some of the women and girls who dreamed of a better world and fought to achieve it. A fantastic illustrated collection of 50 biographies of women and girls for all ages.

At the Tribune

Emilia Pardo Bazan

296 pages. €9.95. From 14 years. YE

A macho and hypocritical society. A worker who fights for justice. A harsh love disappointment. A social and feminine demand. Emilia Pardo Bazán wrote La Tribuna in 1870… Do you still think that the classics are a thing of the past? The SM Classics collection wants to bring the great works of literature closer to today’s youth.


Dragon Princesses Comic: The Sorcerer’s Revenge

Pedro Manas. Illustration: Luján Fernández

48 pages. €12.95. From 6 years. YE

The Dragon Princesses collection, which was born to break stereotypes, returns with more adventures and mysteries now in comic format. In this new story, Rosko makes a terrible mistake: by means of a spell she has turned the Dragon Princesses into princesses like those in fairy tales: cheesy, boring… and a bit silly. How to solve it?

Only for ninjas: The haunted reggaeton


152 pages. €10.95. From 6 years. YE

New title of this collection of humor, adventures and hidden ninjas. Lucía, Li and Martina live an endless, hot and boring summer, and they set up their “girls only” club. Now they have to solve a new mystery: the new song of the summer has all the grown-ups in the neighborhood mesmerized, and what’s worse, now they just want to eat Brussels sprouts. What will that song have?

the invisible girl

fist Illustration: Marta Altés

112 pages. €12.50. From 8 years. YE

El Barco de Vapor 2018 Award is an adventure story with a very intelligent protagonist, set thousands of years ago. In the days of your grandparents’ grandparents’ grandparents, when “good morning” hadn’t been invented, Trog wanted to make the Journey. But, in the Unseen tribe, the Journey was made only by boys, and Trog was a girl. So she decided to do what children did: she went out into the night, crossed the moor and looked for prey.

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