-International Youth Day 2023: Angel Yeast paves the way for young employees, supporting sustainable talent development

YICHANG, China, Aug. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The world’s leading yeast manufacturer Angel Yeast (SH600298) celebrates the 23rd International Youth Day on August 12 with a commitment to provide a leading platform and opportunities for youth development and continuously increase investments to support the rapid and sustainable growth of young employees.

The theme of International Youth Day for 2023, “Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World”, seeks to respond to the global climate crisis and the urgency of an ecological transition. Angel Yeast has always adhered to the mission of promoting innovative and healthy living with yeast biotechnology, and aims to achieve this goal by driving more climate action and the key driver of sustainable development strategies, from climate initiatives, conservation of energy to clean energy applications, through youth and talent.

“Angel Yeast aims to build the foundation to help each employee thrive by providing them with endless possibilities for both their careers and personal growth, and we hope that employees can mentor themselves, adapt to new environments and challenges, and feel inspired to contribute to the global development of biotechnology and build a better future for all,” said Xiao Minghua, CEO of Angel Yeast.

Dual-track professional development to support rapid talent growth

Angel Yeast has been continuously optimizing the organizational structure to support the varied demands of talent development, establishing a research institute and nine technology centers while pioneering a two-track career development path that integrates management and technique to provide a platform for young talents to improve their skills quickly.

Sustainable talent development driven by innovation

The company has conducted training sessions on sustainability topics related to how yeast and biotechnology create healthier and more delicious food, yeast and sustainable agriculture, the role of yeast in realizing circular use of resources that lead to low carbon development to encourage employees to make smarter choices in work and life that would promote sustainable decision making.

Angel Yeast also places an emphasis on supporting the long-term development of employees, and actively implements awards for seniors and technical experts, cultivates young leaders, and provides broader learning opportunities.

“Looking to the future, Angel Yeast hopes to bring a systematic revolution with yeast and biotechnology to shape people’s diets and food production methods and change the way we treat the land, and all of this will lead to a better lifestyle, as well as a healthier and more sustainable planet for future generations,” Xiao said.

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