SAN FRANCISCO, April 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Koo, the world’s second largest microblog, has announced that it will offer free lifetime verification to all qualifying notables. In recognition of eminence or achievement or professional status, Koo awards a yellow mark to user profiles after they meet criteria that are clearly posted on its website.

Koo is committed to building a safe and inclusive platform that gives users equal opportunities to express themselves and be heard. Free lifetime verification will be available to all notable personalities and creators around the world; allowing them to build trust with followers, protect their reputation and prevent spoofing on the platform. Furthermore, Koo allows users to seamlessly migrate their Tweets and find their Twitter followers on the platform; thus eliminating the need to start from scratch.

Mayank Bidawatka, Co-Founder of Koo, said: “At Koo, we care about being inclusive in thought and action. We provide free lifetime verification for all notable personalities who qualify as a Recognition Mark and protect them from copycats so they can share your authentic voice with your followers. We are a merit-based platform and pride ourselves on our platform’s transparent methodology that recognizes and celebrates eminence without a price tag. The Koo Eminence Tick is a prestigious symbol that can’t be bought and we are committed to safeguarding this digital right for all notable personalities.”

“We have concentrated our efforts over the past 3 years to create a microblogging 2.0 experience and have become the second largest microblog with over 60 million downloads from over 100 countries. Every stakeholder benefits from being on Koo. We will never charge for a feature that the internet was supposed to provide for free. Platforms should be enabled, not pulled.”

Koo provides all features for free. Some of these include free editing functionality, a longer post of 500 characters, longer videos, the ability to post in over 20 global languages ​​in one go, the ChatGPT notice, post scheduling, creating drafts, monetization tools for creators, user loyalty program and proactive content moderation that is the best in its class among all social platforms. Koo believes in empowering each stakeholder to have a superior experience on the platform.

To request the verification mark, users can visit Koo’s website and follow the verification process or write directly to


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