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One of the standout features of the ONE CONNECTED LED emergency light is its advanced connectivity with the DGT 3.0 platform.

Madrid, April 5, 2024.- ERUM VIAL remembers the benefits of using LEDONE connected emergency lights, the innovative emergency signals that redefine road safety and environmental sustainability standards, as they are manufactured with recycled plastic. The V16 beacons, which are now available for purchase, not only protect drivers in emergency situations, but also comply with the regulations that will come into force on January 1, 2026, making them, by becoming an element of Mandatory use in Spain, an essential investment for all drivers. The DGT recommends the use of the Connected Emergency Light  Since July 1, 2021, the General Directorate of Traffic incorporated a new signaling option in case of emergency on Spanish roads: connected emergency lights, also known as V16 beacons . Today, it is an alternative recommended by the DGT and is a safer tool for drivers than traditional emergency triangles, avoiding the risk of being run over. At the moment, drivers can still choose between using the emergency triangles in the event of an accident or opting for a connected emergency light, but from January 1, 2026 and in accordance with the new regulations, the use of danger pre-signaling triangles and connected emergency lights will be mandatory. These signs are emergency light devices that make visible, up to a distance of 1000 meters, a vehicle stopped on the road as a result of a breakdown, accident or incident. They were created with the aim of improving road safety and saving lives, after the alarming data of accidents on interurban roads due to the use of triangles were detected. The Led One is approved and is more respectful of the environment  The LED ONE CONNECTED product line from Erum Vial, in addition to meeting all regulatory requirements, guarantees maximum safety and compliance for drivers and is more sustainable as it is Made with recycled materials, in fact, 80% of the plastic used for its manufacture is recycled. The Led One Connected is designed under eco-design parameters to promote its recyclability, becoming a solid commitment to eco-innovation and environmental responsibility. So with a carefully crafted design and manufactured entirely in Spain, this light offers drivers a comprehensive solution that promotes their safety on the road and that actively contributes to the preservation of the environment. Another notable feature of the ONE CONNECTED LED emergency light is its advanced connectivity. Integrated with the DGT 3.0 platform, this emergency light allows efficient and completely anonymous communication with other vehicles, thus improving response capacity in critical situations. The DGT encourages drivers not to wait until 2026 to comply with mandatory regulations, since the acquisition of these emergency lights will improve road safety.

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