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Livepeer AI addresses one of the most pressing challenges of the AI ​​boom: the exponential demand for AI computing power

NEW YORK, May 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Open video infrastructure network Livepeer has announced the launch of its artificial intelligence subnet. As the use of generative AI increases, there is a commensurate need for more adaptive and dynamic access to AI computing capabilities for builders, creators and developers, said Livepeer CEO Doug Petkanics.

“AI inference is one of the most expensive and computational challenges in generative AI,” said Livepeer CEO Doug Petkanics. “Our global network of decentralized nodes can meet the growing demand for AI computing, demand that will only grow exponentially as text-to-video models are incorporated into entertainment, social media and gaming.”

The Livepeer AI subnet allows hardware vendors to earn fees for contributing their GPUs to AI inference jobs such as text-to-image, text-to-video, and image-to-video. The subnet is a fork of the main Livepeer network, enabling new AI capabilities while also using the Livepeer protocol for discovery and payments to nodes.

The goal of the subnetwork launch is to add nodes to support Livepeer’s new AI capabilities, conduct testing, and collect data from strategic testing partners that benchmark the cost-effectiveness of the Livepeer network for AI inference at scale, Petkanics continues:

“After validation, the team will merge these capabilities into Livepeer’s core clients, add additional job types, and grow the ecosystem by leveraging additional forms of AI-based video computing. The goal is to enable AI developers to bring their “own models, weights, adjustments or implement custom LoRA on top of existing fundamental models within the network. These will provide maximum flexibility to developers, who can design custom workflows to support any type of AI media computing need imaginable.” .

The team is currently targeting the August launch of the Livepeer AI mainnet, which will enable builders, creators and developers to leverage Livepeer’s cost-effective, reliable and scalable infrastructure for all their generative AI computing needs.

Livepeer joins C2PA to fight deepfakes

Livepeer is the first open infrastructure network to join the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA), an open technical standard that provides publishers, creators and consumers with the ability to trace the origin of different types of media. Other members include TikTok, Adobe, Google, Sony, Intel, BBC, Microsoft and OpenAI.

“When it comes to AI, provenance of content is difficult,” Petkanics said. “The infrastructure layer is ideally positioned to be a crucial stopgap for disinformation, as it can seamlessly identify content as it moves from creation to editing, distribution and consumption. We are committed to supporting the content authenticity wherever possible to rebuild trust and incorporate verifiable metadata that enables attribution at every stage of the content lifecycle.”

More information at livepeer.ai.

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About Livepeer

Founded in 2017 by Doug Petkanics and Eric Tang, Livepeer is an open video infrastructure network for video transcoding and generative video processing. More information at livepeer.org.

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