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Barcelona, ​​February 20, 2023.

MBE Worldwide (“MBE”) is proud to announce the launch of MBE eShip WEB, the online shipping and fulfillment platform that enables seamless and worry-free order management for e-commerces. Thanks to the integration with multiple e-commerce sales channels provided through MBE eShip, MBE renews its commitment to offer the best digital solutions, both in e-commerce and in the B2B markets.

MBE Worldwide (“MBE”), a leading e-commerce platform providing e-commerce, warehousing, shipping and marketing solutions to SMBs and individuals, announces the launch of MBE eShip WEB, an online platform that enables e-merchants to fully trust MBE for the shipping and fulfillment operations of all your orders and returns generated through the online store and marketplace channels.MBE eShip WEB represents the ideal solution for SMEs that sell online thanks to its flexibility and highly customizable features . Through MBE eShip WEB, e-commerce business owners can entrust the entire process – from order management to product shipping operations – to the experts at Mail Boxes Etc., thus freeing up resources and time to dedicate to the main needs of your business.”MBE eShip WEB is designed for those e-commerce companies that want to grow online – either through their e-commerce or through marketplaces – thus reaching a larger customer base” he commented Valeria Mennella, Chief Marketing Officer of MBE Worldwide. “End customers should receive the same level of service regardless of where they are shopping. Thanks to MBE eShip WEB, e-merchants can offer the best shipping options to their customers, leveraging an integrated process, since the main shipping functions and fulfillment, such as inventory, order management and returns, are all connected.” Serving customers as well as possible and offering them a high level of service have been MBE’s priorities throughout the development process of this digital product. In this sense, the technological solution has been key to making possible the level of professionalism and efficiency that distinguish the entire MBE offer. For this they have had the order management software provided by Qapla.”In recent years, consumer standards have increased a lot. Customers expect quality services that reflect their wishes and are faithful to their expectations and above all, they want that they are guaranteed the efficiency of shipments and customer service. For this reason, living the best delivery experience is essential to develop and retain customers”, commented Roberto Fumarola, CEO and Founder of Qapla’. “MBE and Qapla’ complement each other, providing complete digital solutions for e-commerce companies. That’s why we are truly inspired and motivated by this collaboration.” For an even more efficient experience, MBE eShip WEB automates e-shipping and fulfillment. commerce, generating the shipping documentation, the shipping label and the tracking code. It can connect to more than 25 e-commerce marketplaces and platforms, such as PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Shopify, Amazon, and eBay. Developed to increase e-commerce customer satisfaction by providing a more streamlined online experience, the suite of digital solutions for e-commerce companies – MBE eShip WEB and MBE eShip PLUG-IN – make shipping and fulfillment processes easier and more efficient.

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