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MONTREAL, Dec. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The International Conference on the Underlying Causes of Biodiversity Loss closed today with the launch of the Montreal Call, an invitation to stakeholders around the world to continue the dialogue on solutions that transform an economic model and a system of values ​​that are damaging nature.

This event was organized by the Collectif COP15, a collective of Quebec civil society organizations under the leadership of SNAP Quebec, in response to repeated calls from IPBES and IPCC for urgent systemic changes to the shared underlying causes of the two main interrelated environmental crises: the loss of biodiversity and climate change.

The organizers welcome the progress made during the conference in identifying solutions to these underlying causes. The Montreal Call is an invitation to continue this reflection and accelerate it in future COPs, with biodiversity and climate combined.

Governments, ministers, delegates, indigenous representatives and leaders of multilateral organizations, civil society organizations, youth groups, academic organizations, foundations and the private sector, as well as citizens, are invited to publicly express their support for the Call for Montréal.

The inauguration was attended by the Mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante, the main head of the Government of the Cree Nation, Mandy Gull-Masty, the Minister of the Environment, the Fight against Climate Change, Fauna and Parks, Benoit Charette, and the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Steven Guilbeault.


“The decline of biodiversity is critical and requires radical changes in our way of living and land use planning. To achieve the ambitious goals that Montreal has set itself, we must unite with people, companies and institutions. From now on, policymakers around the world must protect our green spaces and create and apply new economic models. The Montreal Call for Dialogue is an important commitment that will allow us to accelerate this social transition.”

– Valérie Plante, Alcaldess of Montreal

“I appreciate your contribution and your commitment to reaching Quebec’s goal of preserving 30% of its territory by 2030. This support is essential for the biodiversity of our land, and the participation of all stakeholders will be crucial in the coming years.To achieve our goal, we need all actors and stakeholders, because it is by acting together that we will achieve our common goal of preserving our biodiversity and natural abundance.The Government of Quebec has also given itself the means to achieve its ambitions with his Plan nature, his plan for nature, which will help build the Quebec of tomorrow.”

– Benoit Charette, Quebec Minister of the Environment, Climate Change, Wildlife and Parks

“There is an urgent need to stop and reverse the alarming loss of biodiversity, around the world and here in Canada. We need to work together to create positive, tangible results for nature and people, building on the Government of Canada’s historic investments in nature in in recent years. The Montreal appeal is an important step, fostering dialogue on solutions to the underlying causes of biodiversity loss.”

– Hon. Steven Guilbeault, Minister for Environment and Climate Change

“While COP15 is in full search for solutions to the decline of biodiversity, Fondaction continues to maintain a permanent dialogue with leaders from various fields. Based on this dialogue between various experts, relevant and effective solutions are being conceived, which we can then apply in our respective spheres. This collective and proactive effort will allow us to inspire, anchor and accelerate the movement for change.”

– Geneviève Morin, CEO of Fondaction

“The leadership of civil society at COP15 to open the dialogue on the underlying causes of biodiversity loss demonstrates that the solutions also lie within human nature. We must take back control of our future and our economy and step up the defense of nature to a fundamental value.” – Alain Branchaud, executive director of SNAP Québec and spokesperson for Collectif COP15


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