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WUHU, China, March 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With the changing pace of lifestyles in general, the requirements of vehicle users have become increasingly diverse, creating a new user group that no longer They don’t need conventional sedans or SUVs, but vehicles with the space of an MPV, the chassis of an SUV, and the handling of a sedan. They require integrated features of various models in a single vehicle.

OMODA, a cross-style model with cross-platform or multi-function features, can meet new market requirements. It can give young users a more pleasant driving experience and give these consumers what they really want.

When it started, OMODA conducted more than 1,000 surveys in more than 20 countries/regions around the world to deeply analyze the market and understand the needs of users. It creatively completed key processes including model design, powertrain tuning, technology configuration, and even product naming using user feedback under its “user-oriented, global co-creation” concept. The “Art in Motion” design concept is the precious result of user input.

Even the name OMODA comes from users who follow more than 600 proposals around the world. OMODA emphasizes high-tech and positive aesthetic perception as part of a “modern” lifestyle. It represents the spirit of user co-creation, indicating distinctive, elegant and advanced future technology with a unique understanding of fashion trends.

Development of the OMODA user ecosystem

OMODA is more than a vehicle; forms a lifestyle and attitude of self-expression and independent thinking. OMODA offers fun and personalized add-on products such as sports bottles, outdoor kits, cycling bands, and stylish headbands. The user ecosystem combines travel, adventure, social networking, socializing, hiking, and other scenarios.

OMODA’s O-UNIVERSE ecosystem achieves synchronized growth with users. The “O-Sport” segment caters to the fashion product needs of younger users, while “O-Lab” encourages new thinking on and offline through a workshop of creativity and inspiration. The exclusive user group “O-Club” covers user operations, while “O-trip” advocates technology for green, low-carbon, eco-friendly and energy-saving lifestyle.

Pursuing diverse development

OMODA will break with the conventional order of the world, envisioning a future that presents a revolutionary ecosystem experience. Using an OMODA vehicle is like traveling between reality and life in a parallel universe. Life is no longer as simple as black and white.

OMODA is about to launch in Europe. The vehicles will depart from the old conventions while possessing endless possibilities. The concept of “global and user-oriented co-creation” will continuously strengthen the bond between the brand and users while developing various features.

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