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– IP Works Announces General Availability of its Non-Real-Time RAN (Non-RT RIC) Intelligent Controller to Further Accelerate Open RAN Adoption by Mobile Operators

PI. Works, a leading provider of AI-based mobile network optimization and automated management solutions, has announced the launch of its new Radio Access Network (RAN) Intelligent Controller (RIC) to further enhance its EXA product offering and increase your automation use cases across a wide range of your existing and third-party rApps.

RESTON, Va., Feb. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The RIC does not RT of P.I. Works on its field-proven EVO platform with its Service Management and Orchestration (SMO) functionality will enable efficient automation, operation and optimization of hybrid networks, a mix of purpose-built RAN elements and Open RAN. This will improve network performance and speed up the adoption of Open RAN. IP architecture Works compliant with the Open RAN standard offers a wide range of deployment opportunities for operators, while the field-proven nature of the solution ensures carrier-grade reliability.

The RIC platform of P.I. Works provides:

· A single platform for the automated management of hybrid networks, both specific RAN networks and Open RAN networks, thanks to its wide compatibility with multiple providers and its dynamic abstraction.

· A suite of AI-based service orchestration and management products and use cases to enhance network automation capabilities.

· Continuously growing custom and portable use cases through the novel rApp Sandboxing framework, including dev kits, mock APIs for testing, and embed APIs for CI/CD enablement beyond O-RAN standards.

· Marketplace with a rich set of ready-to-use rApps, such as PCI and RSI optimizers, energy saving, coverage optimization, capacity optimization and traffic direction, special event management and many more.

· External enrichment data correlation capabilities with various third-party data sources, such as mobile application reports, geolocation, customer experience management systems, problem reporting systems, etc.

· Multi-cloud deployment support for public and private clouds, and Software-as-a-Service offering.

“We are very pleased to launch the RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) offering as a complement to our automation product offering to automate the management and optimization of open RAN green-field and brown-field networks, which we believe will help increase efficiency. and accelerate transformation in the industry,” explained Djakhongir Siradjev, CTO of IP. Works. “Our RIC provides mobile operators with an easy-to-use and cost-effective way to deploy and manage Open RAN networks in a unified and standardized manner. It will also simplify the creation of new rApps, increase their portability across the ecosystem, and enable new opportunities for innovation and growth to our current and future customers to offer a better experience to subscribers”.

“The launch of the PI Works RIC, which will allow us to offer our customers a wide variety of rApps, is another milestone in our mission to revolutionize the mobile network industry,” added Dr. Erol Hepsaydir, Vice President of Solutions and Development at IP business Works “With our innovative solutions and our commitment to our clients’ success, P.I. Works is poised to continue its growth and leadership in the industry.”

For more information on IP solutions. Works, visit P.I. Works at the Mobile World Congress 2023 Barcelona in Hall 2,

Media contact: marketing@piworks.net

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