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Valencia, December 15, 2022

Lottery Castillo, the first administration in Spain to carry out a virtual escape room

Following the Christmas tradition, Lottery Castillo continues with its actions around these dates, where it intends and manages to surprise customers and reward participants. After last year’s success where lottery tickets were given away to all customers who tattooed the coveted number of the administration and one of the most requested when buying Christmas lottery. This year Lottery Castillo and EscapeWeb, the Valencian online game development and events company, allow you to win up to 4 million euros playing an escape room online. La ‘Fortuna de Manfredi’ is a free online escape room that will be available on the Lottery Castillo and Escapeweb.es websites. Until December 20, all participants who enter the Manfredi mansion and manage to finish within an hour will participate in the draw for 10 tenths of the Christmas Lottery. The game engine allows you to play individually or with your friends. Having a good time and testing your wits with friends will increase your chances of winning. You can synchronize the screens and hit the coconut. Whoever accepts the challenge will have 60 minutes to find out the secret of good luck and discover the whereabouts of Fortunata Manfredi. The game has a total of 10 blocks that will prevent you from advancing, to overcome them you will have to test your patience, and mathematical skills, spatial skills, linguistics, attention to detail, and much more. Tip: you can’t pass with the clues and you have to rely on your skills to pass all the tests. With impressive graphic scenarios like in Fornite, full immersion in this mysterious scenario where fortune, the mafia and intelligence become one. A very tempting proposal, where you only have to enter an email and have a computer or tablet with an Internet connection. If within time the secret of good luck is found, in addition to entering the draw for 10 tenths of the 2022 Christmas Lottery and if not, you will also receive €1 to bet on the Castillo Lottery. You can’t wait any longer to find the lucky formula.

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