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SHANGHAI, May 15, 2024/PRNewswire/ — Queclink, a leading global provider of IoT devices and solutions, today announced the launch of its latest product, the GV500CG. This new DAB tracker, designed with cutting-edge LTE Cat 1 technology, is set to revolutionize the market thanks to its compact size, strong security features and wide adaptability.

The GV500CG is designed for seamless integration into a wide spectrum of vehicles. Its small footprint, one of the smallest devices in its class, facilitates discreet and easy installation, an essential feature for covert tracking and security applications such as stolen vehicle recovery and general fleet management.

One of the most outstanding features of the GV500CG is its great adaptability to different scenarios. This flexibility allows the device to be used in a wide range of applications, from basic monitoring to complex telematics solutions when combined with accessories or additional devices. With a second GL series product deployed as a backup device, the solution can ensure robust tracking even if the vehicle is stolen and the primary device is discovered and disconnected.

The GV500CG features geo-fencing, allowing users to set boundaries for vehicle movement and receive alerts if these boundaries are crossed. This feature is invaluable for commercial fleet managers, businesses or parents who need to ensure vehicles stay within authorized zones. Virtual ignition detection, another innovative feature, allows the device to detect vehicle start and stop without direct connection to the ignition system, improving its adaptability to different vehicle models.

Equipped with BLE 5.2, the GV500CG can communicate with other BLE-enabled devices and systems, expanding its usage scenarios. The device also supports automatic system updates via OTA, ensuring that it always runs on the latest firmware and is equipped with the latest features.

The device supports collision detection, which helps react immediately in the event of an accident, and harsh driving behavior detection, which identifies patterns such as harsh braking and rapid acceleration. These features are critical to improving road safety and can help reduce insurance costs by providing insurers with accurate risk assessments.

The launch of the GV500CG is expected to influence the way businesses and individuals track and manage vehicle operations, providing a reliable and versatile solution. Whether for insurance companies, telematics service providers, car rental companies or individual users, the GV500CG is here to meet various needs efficiently and profitably.

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