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Raffles through purchase tickets are an effective marketing strategy that many companies use to attract customers and encourage sales.

Madrid, January 23, 2024.- La Tienda del Rollo, a leading company in the sale of personalized thermal paper rolls with the best prices on the internet, explains what the procedure should be like: • Purchase requirement: Participants must make a purchase in store or online to receive a purchase receipt. Each ticket acts as an entry to the drawing.•  Sweepstakes information: The purchase ticket must provide clear information about the drawing, including the prize, the end date, the rules and how to enter.•  Registration of participation: The participants You can register for the drawing by following the instructions provided on the purchase receipt. This could include sending a text message, visiting a website, or completing an online form.•  Fair Drawing: When the entry period ends, a random drawing will be conducted to select the winner(s). This process must be transparent and fair. • Announcement of the winner: The winner of the raffle must be publicly announced through various channels, such as social networks or the web. Including raffles on purchase tickets can offer several benefits for the company, both in terms of marketing and customer loyalty. Here are some of these benefits:1. Increased customer traffic: Sweepstakes can attract more customers, as the chance of winning a prize can be a strong incentive to purchase.2. Customer Loyalty: Sweepstakes can help build customer loyalty. If customers know they have a chance to win something every time they buy, they are more likely to return.3. Collecting Customer Data: You can use sweepstakes to collect valuable customer information, such as email addresses and purchasing preferences, which is useful for future marketing campaigns.4. Improving brand image: Giveaways can improve brand perception. Offering attractive and valuable prizes can make the company seen as generous and customer-oriented.5. Promotion of specific products or services: You can use raffles to promote certain products or services, encouraging the purchase of these items to participate in the raffle.6. Generating word-of-mouth publicity: Sweepstakes winners often share their good fortune with friends and family, which can generate free, positive publicity for the company.7. Increased sales: In the short term, sweepstakes can boost sales as customers may be more inclined to purchase in the hope of winning a prize.8. Social Media Engagement: Integrating giveaways with social media platforms can increase fan engagement, which is beneficial for brand visibility and reach.9. Differentiation from the competition: Offering sweepstakes can help differentiate a company from its competition, especially if the prizes are unique or highly attractive.10. Analysis of purchasing behavior: Raffles can provide data on the purchasing behavior of your customers, which is useful for future business and marketing strategies. La Tienda del Rollo, leader in the sector with more than 30 years of experience www. latiendadelrollo.com  is a company specialized in the sale of thermal paper with more than three decades of experience and with unbeatable prices on the internet. In fact, they pay double the difference if they find a better price online. In addition, they offer a 10% discount on the first order after subscribing to their newsletter. Issuer: La Tienda del Rollo

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