With more than 200 trailers dedicated to rail transport, the company goes a step further by expanding its presence in intermodality with the creation of Serveto LUX SARL. This movement is part of the Strategic Plan 23-25, approved in October 2022, which is committed to intermodal transport

Lleida, April 18, 2023.- The subsidiary, established in December 2022, and with its own staff managing operations in an office installed in Luxembourg, is responsible for guaranteeing the delivery of goods in a timely manner in the face of current challenges and sector futures: the shortage of long-distance drivers; decarbonization and competitiveness of transport. To achieve this, the company has decided to manage its operations from Luxembourg, considered the main rail motorway hub in Europe due to its advanced infrastructures and its strategic location. In the words of Josep Serveto, CEO of the company: “investing in own tractors in the “This country will allow us to act as a specialist in transport in Northern Europe. Serveto is firmly committed to intermodality, something that we are demonstrating with the implementation of our own resources in Luxembourg and that will guarantee a quality service to our customers.” With the objective of becoming one of the main intermodal logistics operators in Europe, Serveto will use trucks registered in Luxembourg as of July, thus avoiding the restrictions that operating with vehicles from other European countries would imply, such as the driver’s obligation to take a break every four weeks at the company’s fiscal headquarters. In this way, Serveto hopes to improve the efficiency of its logistics operations and guarantee a better service to its customers. About Serveto Founded in 1955, Serveto has become a benchmark in logistics solutions with high added value in Europe. Currently, they have 417 workers, more than 250 trucks, and 450 trailers. The company thus continues to develop its growth strategy with its own resources in countries where its clients have greater interests, such as France, where the company Serveto SAS has been carrying out its activity since 2020. Issuer: Serveto

Contact Contact name: Agustí Ardiaca, Intermodal Business Development Contact telephone number: 34 660 21 96 31