– SimSpace adds ML-based adaptive attacks and evidence-based stack optimization so CISOs can make key cyber ROI decisions

These new features improve cyber stack efficiency and ROI by up to 40%, accelerate the creation of evidence-based data for governance, and help CISOs demonstrate cyber ROI for boards, executives , auditors and insurers.

BOSTON, April 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SimSpace, the industry leader in military-grade cyber-ranges, today announces the addition of ML-based adaptive attacks, cyber-stack optimization, and automated deployment to its Cyber ​​platform. Force. With this expansion, SimSpace helps CISOs deliver continuous cybersecurity enhancements for more effective defense against cyberattacks.

With cyber incidents posing an increasingly material threat to the survival of organizations around the world, companies need evidence-based data to make strategic security decisions that ensure the highest levels of security. SimSpace’s platform optimizes every cyber tool and threat intelligence resource to provide direct connectivity to physical resources for OT, IoT and ISC environments.

The new capabilities of the Cyber ​​Force platform will help protect the brand integrity of some of the world’s largest companies and deliver significant ROI on cyber investments. SimSpace is helping CISOs achieve these goals with the following new platform capabilities:

“As the leading cyber suite, SimSpace works with F2000 customers to deliver a cyber suite that scales to meet the needs of sophisticated enterprise environments,” said Jon Oltsik, Distinguished Analyst and Member of the Enterprise Strategy Group, “Simspace is working hard to enable security teams to meet the ‘CISO Triad’ of Security Effectiveness, Business Enablement and Operational Efficiency to deliver governance and cyber ROI.”

“SimSpace works with US Cyber ​​Command, intelligence agencies, industry partners, and F2000 customers to find answers to their most challenging cybersecurity challenges. Every day, our customers face a continuous barrage of attacks from threat actors. nation-states and cybercriminals. Our platform prepares them to optimize and align their people, processes and technology,” said William “Hutch” Hutchison, co-founder and CEO of SimSpace. “SimSpace helps CISOs and business leaders measure, improve, and optimize cyber governance, cyber stack optimization, and workforce development to safely maximize revenue growth and cyber ROI.”

About SimSpace

SimSpace is the world leader in military-grade cyber ranges, founded by experts from the U.S. Cyber ​​Command and MIT Lincoln Laboratory to respond to an unprecedented new era of cyberthreats. The company’s Cyber ​​Force platform enables the most sophisticated enterprises, governments and national critical infrastructure organizations to find intelligence-driven answers to the most controversial cyber security, governance, training and preparedness questions. SimSpace provides high-fidelity cybersecurity simulations, training, and secure live-fire exercises to the financial, retail, insurance, and other Fortune 2000 trading markets. SimSpace’s Cyber ​​Force platform results in an average reduction in cyber operating costs of 30% and a reduction of infractions of 40%.

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