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TAIPEI, Dec. 4, 2023/PRNewswire/ — SINBON Electronics, a provider of integrated solutions for the design and manufacturing of electronic components, recently obtained UL certification for its NACS (North American Charging Standard) AC/DC charging cable. North). SINBON is the first electronic design service provider in Greater China to obtain this certification, and the first batch of charging cable orders were shipped this week.

The North American Charging Standard (NACS), originally a Tesla-exclusive charging technology specification, has been adopted by prominent automotive brands such as Ford, General Motors, BMW, Honda and Toyota to accelerate the global transition to sustainable energy . As a result, this standard has become one of the leading charging standards in the North American region. The momentum of this trend has brought Tesla’s charging standard closer to replacing its competitor, the Combined Charging System (CCS), as the industry standard. In response to the Tesla alliance and industry demand for NACS standards, SINBON Electronics has actively invested in research and development.

To improve charging efficiency, SINBON’s NACS charging cable adopts high voltage and high current design, enabling fast charging of electric vehicles in a short period of time. Unlike typical high-voltage charging cables, which often have thick and heavy wire bundles to overcome overheating problems, SINBON’s NACS charging cable is not only thin and highly flexible, but also obtained certification IP67, includes a built-in temperature sensor to maintain a low temperature. temperature advantage, supports overheat protection and prioritizes user safety. Furthermore, SINBON NACS charging cable features strong compatibility, supporting various brands and models of electric vehicles, simplifying the charging process and optimizing the user’s charging experience. It has passed rigorous testing for use in different environments and weather conditions, demonstrating great adaptability and a wide range of applications. In terms of design, it is compact, modern and incorporates Tesla’s unique ‘One-Press Unlock’ feature, making it compatible with electric vehicles that adopt the NACS communication protocol in the future.

As the global electric vehicle market expands and technology advances, demand for NACS is constantly increasing. In the future, with the proliferation of electric vehicles and the improvement of charging infrastructure, the applications and use of NACS will expand further. SINBON will actively position itself in the electric vehicle industry, continuously offering reliable, safe and high-quality solutions for electric charging stations and electric vehicles worldwide.

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