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KIELCE, Poland, March 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SOFAR, the world’s leading provider of PV and ESS solutions, presents the latest innovations in the renewable energy segments from residential, C

Since SOFAR first entered the Polish market in 2014, it has been one of the most popular inverter manufacturers known to local customers. Due to the excellent performance of its product, EuPD awarded SOFAR the TOP Brand PV Inverter in Poland award. In order to offer a better experience, SOFAR has established a local branch with professional team members responsible for timely service.

Earlier this year, SOFAR revealed its new brand identity. In line with the fully updated brand image, SOFAR introduced the new 100-125KTL-G4 designed for C applications.

Meanwhile, hybrid inverters and energy storage are becoming increasingly popular with Polish customers. SOFAR sees a growing interest in solutions for the intelligent management of the energy produced. In the context of increasing demands, SOFAR enriches its storage solutions with BTS E5~E20-DS5 battery storage system and HYD 5K~20KTL-3PH series hybrid inverters.

BTS E5~E20-DS5 applies stackable design, which allows for trouble-free installation and configuration. Compared to the traditional residential BESS, it features more flexible expansion by allowing the mixed use of old and new batteries. Each battery unit houses an integrated PCU that can reduce power loss and provide more usable power. To combine with BESS, SOFAR also launches HYD 5K~20KTL-3PH series hybrid inverters that support various operating modes.

“The Polish market is one of our most important markets in Europe, and it is expected to maintain sustained growth in the near future. Based on a comprehensive local service and convincing distribution channels, SOFAR is determined to support the clean transition of the country towards a net zero future through quality products and a strong partnership,” said Lisa Li, SOFAR’s Poland Country Director.


SOFAR is a leading global provider of solar PV and energy storage solutions and is committed to being the leader in digital energy solutions with a comprehensive portfolio, including PV inverters from 1 kW to 255 kW, hybrid inverters from 3 kW to 20kW, battery storage system, central energy storage and smart energy management solutions for residential applications, C

Learn more about SOFAR by visiting: https://www.sofarsolar.com/.

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