Madrid, March 23, 2023.- Digital, committed, impatient, creative, with their own language and very, very readers: this is generation Z. Young readers have stopped reading what they are told to read; now, it is they (and, above all, they) who tell the publishers what they want to read, and drag thousands of readers of all ages behind them. With this impulse, TBR Editorial was born, which was presented yesterday in Madrid.

“We want to be very much alive, react, propose and interact with the reading community. TBR is going to be a dialogue, and readers are going to take the lead,” reveals Xohana Bastida, editor of this new young adult imprint. This label, she tells us, “no longer refers to an age segment, but has become a genre in its own right, enjoyed by many different people, not hidden, but celebrated.” And we did that yesterday in the Equis room in Madrid. Celebrate that we like youth literature, new adult, young adult, or just plain literature. And you are going to lose it?

The youth publishing market, an unstoppable growth

Thanks to the reading habits of young people and adolescents -more than 80% read frequently*- and to phenomena such as Tik Tok, where books are recommended and creative processes are shared in a few seconds, the youth publishing market is experiencing unstoppable growth.

With the aim of responding to the sector and creating a reading community, TBR was born, a new youth imprint created by and for young people. Groundbreaking, trending and with current themes: fantasy, romance, vampires, mystery, urban poetry, feminism, empowerment, body positive, cockfights, illustration…

We want to be the list of books that you can’t wait to read, that keep you awake and that create addiction.

What is TBR?

TBR stands for To Be Read, a hashtag with millions of social media posts where young people recommend books. Now TBR is born as a youth publishing label and brings engaging stories from national and international authors, with great literary quality and with very careful editions.

A new story is being written…

Do you know what your next book is?


Poetry to the rhythm of rap, a pioneering book in the market

BATALLA DE GALLOS is a pioneering book in the market. Mnak, Gazir, Hander, Tirpa and Marithea, five of the most awarded freestylers, leave the bus and face the blank page to fight the most unique of battles: the battle of life. With a prologue by Pieces, the father of the improvisation genre, which talks about his experience and his vision of success, which is none other than having something to tell his daughter.

This book is a scream of rap, courage and poetry. TBR proposed that they bare their souls to reflect on 20 topics that cover life in a temporal arc, from childhood to death, going through issues that concern young people such as love and heartbreak, precariousness, physical appearance , self-esteem, the future, mental health, sexuality, family… With the last verse/rap/reflection of one of the rappers the other had to start his song and that’s how this battle of roosters is fought on paper , where they open up completely because silence for them is not an option.

Four illustrators talk to their teenage selves: humor and feminism

CONVERSATIONS WITH MYSELF is an agile, funny and feminist comic. Four young illustrators: Precariada, Laura Árbol, Daniella Martí and Bàrbara Alca look in the mirror and talk to their adolescent selves (and talk to us) about all the issues that concern them at that age and about which they were never told. In this journey in the form of cartoons, they reflect humorously on all kinds of topics, many of them, unfortunately, very topical, such as harassment, machismo, precariousness…

Nobody is prepared to grow up and face adult life (decide what to study, what to do, find a job and get paid, become independent, fall in love, suffer…), but if you had the opportunity to talk to your adolescent self, what would you tell him? That is what these authors do. And you? What would you have liked to be told?

Forbidden magic and romance, a fantasy from a best-selling author

ECHOES AND FLAMES, by Morgan Rhodes, best-selling fantasy author, is a bilogy starring Joss, a 17-year-old girl, who spends her life partying, not worrying too much about her future or anything that sounds serious to her. . Of course, it has never occurred to her to think about magic, something she only knows three things about: that it is rare, lethal, and that all who use it will be sentenced to death.

So when he accidentally gets infected with magic, he knows he has to get rid of it as soon as possible; if not, his life is in danger. But, no one can help her… Except, perhaps, the enigmatic Jericho Nox, a thief as mysterious as he is attractive who will soon make her question all her beliefs. A forbidden magic. A dark secret. A common destiny. In an empire built on lies, perhaps the truth is the most powerful weapon…

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