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Madrid, January 15, 2024.

TendenciasPLUS breaks down the tastes of more than 60,000 Internet users to shed light on the great debates about the gastronomic preferences of Spaniards

TendenciasPLUS, the community that has taken the pulse of gastronomic trends in Spain, presents revealing data based on the opinions of more than 60,000 Internet users over 18 years of age. From ice cream to drinks, this detailed analysis breaks down the culinary tastes that are setting the tone in the country. The research highlights that Maxibon stands as the favorite ice cream nationwide, although with notable regional and generational variations. Based on a survey of more than 15,000 people, TendenciasPlus has discovered that while the elderly choose elegant options, the middle-aged succumb to the pink nostalgia of the Frigo Pie, and the young proclaim their love for the Maxibon. As well as the tastes on Ice cream separates generations, preferences for industrial desserts practically do not vary. From Bollycao to Oreo cookies, Donuts wins throughout Spain, but in some regions Pantera Rosa, Kit Kat or Phoskitos give it good competition. The eternal dispute over the potato omelet also finds its answer in TendenciasPLUS data. Almost 80% prefer the tortilla with onion, reflecting a strong inclination towards the classic version of the dish. However, a valuable 20% call themselves ‘anti-onion’, leading regions such as Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Seville, and Alicante in their rejection of this ingredient. Pineapple on pizza has also become a gastronomic debate in Spain. 43% prefer their pizza without pineapple and 47% accept this tropical combination. The northern provinces, such as Asturias, Vizcaya and Guipúzcoa, along with Andalusia, maintain the tradition of pizza without pineapple, challenging the Mediterranean trend. In contrast, Madrid, Catalonia or Galicia opt for this combination of flavors. In the survey, TendenciasPLUS has also discovered that 10% confess that they do not like pizza at all. As for drinks, Coca Cola reigns among women with 57% preference, while men follow it with 45%. Water occupies 27% among women and 22% among men, placing it in second and third position respectively. In the case of men, beer would be the drink that would occupy second place, with 33% preference and would close the podium for women with 22%. Finally, the provinces that stand out for their sybaritic choices, both in food and drink, are Alicante, Barcelona, ​​Castellón, Ceuta, Gerona, Balearic Islands, Lérida, Madrid, Málaga, Murcia, Orense, Soria, Tarragona and Valencia. These regions have elevated the art of enjoying food and drinks to a higher level, choosing options such as sushi and gin and tonic as authentic culinary delights. Surprisingly, in this context, we observe an interesting trend across generations: the younger the demographic, the greater the inclination towards more sybaritic choices. It seems that new generations are enthusiastically embracing the most refined dining and drinking experiences. According to TendenciasPLUS spokesperson Gerardo Raido, “This data reveals the richness and diversity of gastronomic preferences in Spain.” “They are delighted to offer a unique insight into what Spaniards really enjoy on their tables.” Spaniards’ culinary preferences, from ice cream to beverages, reflect a fascinating mix of tradition and evolution. While the provinces maintain their roots in deep-rooted tastes, new generations are taking gastronomy to a higher level, embracing more refined experiences and contributing to the evolution of the culinary scene in Spain.TendenciasPLUS is an initiative of Deyde DataCentric Deyde DataCentric is a leader in data quality and information provision for decision making and marketing. The company has MyDataQ, a modular data quality solution, Pyramid, a Data as a Services enrichment platform (which highlights the most extensive database of companies, more than 3,200 environmental and real estate indicators, audiences with permission and their Email Marketing platform, Xcampaign). Currently, Deyde DataCentric works for the main national and international companies involved in strategic data projects in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Mexico, Chile and Colombia.More information about Deyde DataCentric here

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