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Madrid, March 13, 2023.

Dental Clinic (Iván Malagón*Clinic), Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (IMC*face

Doctor Iván Malagón is recognized throughout the planet for his vision to build the most harmonious smiles, achieving the results he promises to his thousands of patients; but, in addition, his creativity and concern have led him to become a world reference in the research and development of techniques, multidisciplinary work protocols and technological tools. Iván Malagón * Clinic opened its doors in 2014, after more than 18 years of professional development of Dr. Malagón, in which he saw how he wanted to focus his own center. Located on the Golden Mile of the capital of Spain, the illustrious José Ortega y Gasset street, in Madrid, serves as a space for both Dr. Iván Malagón and the professionals he has carefully selected for their high degree of technical training. and, no less important, sensibility for aesthetics, they can analyze the face of each person and achieve health, beauty and harmony.”The sensibility for harmony, beauty and for achieving correct proportions has been something key for me at a professional level and It has always been personal. Throughout my professional career, finding the naturalness of a smile with results that exceed expectations has been the ‘leitmotiv'”. With this idea, Iván Malagón created Iván Malagón*Clinic: an exclusive place, suitable for all audiences. The natural evolution of Iván Malagón*Clinic was to surround himself with the best specialists in each branch of aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery and beauty professionals, to put “the icing on the cake”, that is, to contribute to the smiles that Dr. Iván Malagón had already achieved those small details that you finish making it harmonious (lips, perioral wrinkles, skin quality, anti-aging , retroaging, etc.), and to obtain the necessary space to be able to develop these services with all the guarantees of success and with the premise of making each person who steps on their facilities feel special. This is how Iván Malagón*face was born

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