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Schluechtern, March 07, 2023 – Completely personalized recovery If coaches develop personalized training and recovery plans for each athlete or team, it is for good reason. And this is also the view of Europe’s leading provider of recovery boots and pants, once again presenting a true innovation on the market that also allows you to customize the compression recovery massage with the Reboots Recovery Pants.

The first one size that really fits The new Reboots Recovery Pants 2.0 are much more efficient, effective and stylish than their predecessors and are now available on the market with an absolutely unique design and functionality. Thanks to its three separate thigh and calf zips, for the first time the leg contour can truly be adjusted to fit each leg. In this way, the same pressure is maintained on legs of different contours while improving the quality of the massage. By guaranteeing a perfect fit and with the overlapping of the air chambers, the volume for each chamber is optimized, thus allowing more massage cycles to be performed at the same time. This new dynamic is also reflected in the carbon finish design that gives a very special touch to the Pants 2.0.

Sports stars such as Pedri González (football), Anne Haug (triathlon) or Leon Vockensperger (snowboard) have already integrated Reboots into their recovery routine and are already benefiting from its many advantages such as shorter recovery time, lower risk of inflammation, greater mobility and less loss of performance.

A perfectly tuned new team

Reboots Go Lite is much quieter, lighter, smaller and smarter than any other compression massager available on the market. Until now, this compact monitoring device could only be used with recovery boots. But now, in combination with the new Reboots Pants 2.0, it offers the possibility to enjoy the first 4-chamber recovery pants on the market with maximum massaging power for legs and buttocks at an excellent value for money. Perfectly combining size, functionality, color and shape in a modern design that is easy and intuitive to use, it allows you to enjoy an absolutely unique recovery experience. In addition, with the Reboots app, the recovery massage can be conveniently controlled from your mobile.

The new Pants 2.0 for Reboots Go Lite are available for €349 at reboots.com. When purchased in a bundle with the Reboots Go Lite, customers save €100 at launch (€699 instead of €799). Shipping can be made to all countries of the European Union. Learn more here: https://reboots.com/products/reboots-pants-2-0-zubehor

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Are you a journalist and want to try our new Reboots Pants 2.0? No sooner said than done! We will be happy to send you a test sample. You just have to contact us!

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