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With increasing demand for solar photovoltaic expertise and expertise, Quintas Advisory, a leading team of independent renewable energy consultants, is seeing significant annual growth of 20% in 2021 and 2022.

Seville, February 28, 2023.- The announcement of the goal of climate neutrality for 2050 has considerably increased awareness of the importance of renewable energies. However, for Europe to reach the tentative goal of sourcing 45% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030, an additional 45 GW of capacity will need to be added over the next seven years. According to a recent study by Rystad Energy, Spain and Portugal are in in the first position before the growth of green energy capacity in Europe. With the goal of reaching 79% renewable energy in its energy mix by 2030, the Iberian Peninsula is described as a “new European power”. Spain has experienced a significant increase in new projects in recent years, becoming the third largest exporter regional energy company in the first three quarters of 2022, which has led to a growing demand for expert advice in all phases of the investment, from initial development to construction and operation. These specialists play a fundamental role in guaranteeing the success of these projects and optimizing their performance. Four years ago, Quintas Energy, a company based in Spain and with more than 6,500 megawatts under management, launched a new business branch focused on consulting technique. Quintas Advisory is made up of an international team of expert technical and legal consultants who support clients to accelerate the energy transition. The team has gained more than 30 new clients and added 21 new members in the last two years and will continue to grow in 2023. Unleashing the full power of renewables: why do PV projects need an independent technical advisor? 1. Supporting solar development with expert solutions Quintas Advisory technical consultants help identify potential risks at an early stage through comprehensive feasibility studies, energy performance assessments and technical due diligence assessments, all tailored to requirements specific to each project.2. Advising the construction process of photovoltaic installations Technical advisors are in charge of technical and legal issues during the early phases of the life of a project, supporting the client throughout the complex processes of acquisition, construction and start-up of the project with dedicated services, such as Quality Assurance and Control (QAC) or engineering for owners and lenders.3. Optimizing investments in photovoltaic solar energy To ensure optimum performance and long asset life, Quintas Advisory performs drone thermographic inspections and assists in acceptance processes, asset life extensions, renewal strategies, Spare parts management and ground safety.4. Specialized storage solutions Through specialized services, Quintas Advisory offers professional advice to ensure optimal performance and profitability of a storage system. The expert team of consultants is in charge of the design, engineering and technical evaluations. Issuer: Quintas Advisory

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