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Barcelona, ​​March 1, 2023.

After the success of the first edition, ‘The thousand faces of anxiety’ returns, an event aimed at the general public organized by the health psychologist Montse Armero. It will take place 100% online and free of charge between March 20 and 25, 2023 and 35 speakers will participate who will share their knowledge, strategies and experiences to manage the symptoms caused by this disorder.

Anxiety has become the most frequently recorded mental health problem in primary care medical records in Spain, affecting 6.7% of the population. However, that figure only reflects a small part of the reality: there are undiagnosed forms of subclinical anxiety that can equally cause great discomfort. These include excessive worry, rumination, feeling restless, or a high level of self-demand. The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic only exacerbated these manifestations in the population that already suffered from anxiety, as well as causing anxious symptoms in a large number of people who had never experienced it. For this reason, the first online event of ‘The thousand faces of anxiety’ was created in 2022. Given the repercussion and good reception among the attending public, a year later the second edition of the event returns with the aim of continuing to disseminate proven information. about anxiety, as well as providing resources and strategies to manage it more adequately. The event includes the intervention of psychologists, doctors and other health professionals who help people with anxiety to improve their quality of life. Some of the leaders of the health sector that will intervene during the days in which the event will take place will be Sari Arponen, Antonio Valenzuela, Yhanna Sánchez, Luissiana Céspedes or Teresa Terol. Likewise, testimonials from people known on social networks also participate. who have either suffered anxiety in the first person, or give visibility to mental health in a public way. Among them, Lucía Machota, Pepe Romera, Salva Fernández, Olaya Menéndez or Álvaro Sánchez. The event will allow attendees to expand their knowledge about anxiety, helping them to better understand how it works, how to manage it more adequately and what changes are necessary to reduce it. All the presentations will be freely available for 24 hours and can be viewed from any device with internet access, since it is a 100% online event. The only requirement to attend the event is to register completely free of charge on the website https://lasmilcarasdelaansiedad.com

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