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MUNICH, Feb. 2, 2023/PRNewswire/ — Trina Storage, the vertically integrated battery energy storage solutions provider, today announced contract closure for two more battery energy storage system (BESS) projects. in the UK, shortly after the signing of the 50MW/102 MWh Swangate project last month. These two new contracts, for 25MW/58MWh and 50MW/58MWh respectively, will also use Trina Storage’s vertically integrated battery storage product – Elementa.

Trina Storage develops its first Solar Storage project

The newly signed 25 MW/58 MWh project is located in the English Midlands region. Trina Storage will offer its Elementa-based next-generation energy storage solution, adding to an existing PV project in the area. For Trina Storage, it will be the first solar plus storage project in the UK, demonstrating the flexibility and cost effectiveness of the Elementa battery storage solution.

The UK has ambitious climate targets to achieve a net-zero power system, powered by renewable sources that occupy a larger share of the country’s electricity mix. Solar plus storage applications are now the long-term sustainable trend to ensure power grid stability. By incorporating storage systems, the peak generation of the PV system can shift as power demand fluctuates, further improving grid stability and ensuring that generation and, in turn, revenue are maximized. Furthermore, the integration of solar power and storage can help to avoid the restriction of renewables, further ensuring the safe and successful integration of renewables.

Trina Storage advances into the energy storage market

Apart from the co-location project, Trina Storage will provide another 50MW/58MWh stand-alone BESS solution to the UK’s leading smart energy infrastructure provider, SMS plc. This project will be located in Berkeley Gloucestershire, England. This is the second time that Trina Storage has been chosen by SMS after their first project in Burwell, Cambridgeshire was successfully delivered in early 2022. A great recognition from an existing customer that demonstrates Trina’s excellent deployability.

Both projects will use Trina’s in-house Elementa battery system, while the complete solution includes Trina’s strong engineering as well as a wide range of services. Trina Storage drives advanced technical innovations to deliver the most advanced liquid-cooled BESS, with increased battery performance and enhanced security features, ensuring maximum project profitability. The first-class and highly competitive BESS solution is designed to meet the growing demand in the global storage market. Trina Storage is advancing in leaps and bounds with a strong pipeline of 5+ GWh projects around the world to ultimately bring more efficiency to modern power grids and build an energy secure world.

Building a greener future with Trina Storage

As the world leader in storage, Trina Storage always strives for excellence. The Research Institute of Advanced Energy Storage Technology is poised to scale up technical innovations. The integration foundation also adds to Trina Storage’s strong supply chain advantages. Professional local teams have been established to offer comprehensive support and services to our customers. Trina Storage continues to make giant strides, demonstrating its determination and confidence in leading the energy transition through storage.

Commenting on these recent achievements, Terry Chen, Trina Storage’s Director of Overseas Storage, said:

“We greatly appreciate SMS’s continued trust and are looking forward to deploying our first solar plus storage project. We will offer advanced system and services backed by professional deployment to support them and ensure future success, continued commitment to our customers and a brighter future.” ecological and sustainable.

About Trina Storage

Trina Storage, a business unit of Trina Solar, is a global provider of energy storage systems dedicated to transforming the way we deliver energy. Our mission is to lead the transition to renewable energy through cost-effective storage and provide solar power for all by scaling up large-scale solar generation. With more than 25 years of experience in solar energy, we offer cost-effective and flexible solutions to utilities and developers around the world.

More information is available on the Trina Storage website, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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