-Ulanzi Launches U-Mic: Superior Audio Quality Meets Extraordinary Battery Life in New Wireless Microphone System

SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ulanzi, a leading name in camera accessories, is proud to introduce the U-Mic wireless microphone system. Setting a new gold standard, U-Mic features unparalleled audio fidelity combined with impressive battery life, summarizing Ulanzi’s dedication to combining innovation with reliability.

Uncompromising Audio ClarityAt the heart of Ulanzi U-Mic is its commitment to exceptional sound. Whether capturing the softest whispers or the most dynamic conversations, U-Mic ensures every nuance is recorded with unmatched fidelity.

Battery life that keeps up with youForget about frequent recharges. U-Mic’s robust battery offers up to 14 hours of continuous recording, ensuring you stay in the moment without interruptions. And with its sleek dual charging case, power-ups are quick and convenient.

Easy-to-Use TFT Touch Screen This intuitive interface gives users easy control and provides real-time updates on recording volume, battery status and other crucial parameters. Say goodbye to cumbersome buttons; With U-Mic, settings are just a touch away.

Plug and capture: versatility at its finestRecording scenarios vary and U-Mic is ready for them all. From solo podcasts in mono to immersive stereo soundscapes and exclusive safe three-track radio modes, it’s got your back. And with easy connectivity to cameras and phones, U-Mic works well with almost all your devices.

Hear Every Side of the Story – Dual Channel Recording Life is full of dynamic conversations and ambient soundscapes. With U-Mic’s dual-channel system, capture the richness of multiple audio sources simultaneously. Perfect for interviews, group chats, and those times when just one voice isn’t enough.

Fast Bits: Device Compatibility: U-Mic is compatible with cameras, smartphones and laptops without issue. Transmitter Range: Impressive coverage of up to 100 meters. Storage Space: 8 GB solid built-in, no support for external SD cards.

Price and Availability Ulanzi U-Mic Wireless Microphone System A018GBB1 Retail Price: $99.95 Early Bird Price: $79.95, through September 17, 2023 To discover the transformative audio experience of U-Mic, visit www.ulanzi. com or contact.

About UlanziFounded in 2015, Ulanzi is a comprehensive photography and videography solutions provider focused on the design and manufacturing of camera and photography accessories. They always tried to offer the best quality products with a user-centric approach. The company now has three sub-brands: Ulanzi, FALCAM, Vrig. Its products cover a wide range of photography and videography accessories, including tripods, lighting, microphones and quick release systems.

Contact: marketing@ulanzi.com

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