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Spain, March 9, 2023.

UNAVETS Veterinary Group today announces a strategic partnership with the leading Portuguese Animal Blood Bank, BSA

The Animal Blood Bank (BSA) was founded by veterinarian and doctor in animal hematology, Rui Ferreira, in 2011, and is now one of the most sophisticated veterinary blood banks in the world. Created with the aim of guaranteeing quick and easy access to animal blood components to help all animals in need, the BSA has grown from its two offices in Porto to include a laboratory in Lisbon, as well as three other offices in Spain. , Belgium and the United Kingdom. The BSA works by providing a platform that connects donor animals, their guardians and critically ill patients from veterinary clinics and hospitals who urgently need blood transfusions. The platform operates under the strictest guidelines, providing safe blood products to patients so they can receive the best possible medical care, with the ultimate benefit of increasing patient survival rates. This announcement represents another step forward for UNAVETS, a leading veterinary group in Spain and Portugal, with more than 100 practices in both countries. The group aims to play a central role in the development of the veterinary industry in southern Europe, including through a number of partnerships with innovative veterinary service providers. Junko Sheehan, CEO of UNAVETS, commented: “The Group has long admired Rui and his exceptional team, so we are pleased to announce this partnership. BSA is making a huge impact by positively improving patient outcomes and growing across Europe and around the world.The company’s commitment to driving the industry forward through hard work and innovative thinking aligns perfectly with the group’s values, so this partnership made perfect sense.” preference for animal blood products, given the safety, testing, and overall quality associated with the BSA blood donation program. UNAVETS will also support BSA in its donation program at selected UNAVETS sites. Rui Ferreira, BSA’s Clinical Director, commented: “BSA’s main ambition is to grow to be able to provide safe blood transfusions wherever they are needed. BSA is incredibly proud than it has achieved to date and this partnership with UNAVETS will help share the service with a growing audience of animals in need, which means having an even bigger impact.The team would like to thank UNAVETS and all the groups and supporting vet practices. The team can’t wait to see what else can be achieved.” About the UNAVETS Group The UNAVETS Group (“UNAVETS”) is the largest veterinary group in Spain and Portugal, with more than 100 practices. UNAVETS encompasses referral/specialized centers, 24-hour hospitals, first opinion clinics and veterinary clinics, as well as health insurance that guarantees a full range of services. UNAVETS’s growth strategy began by focusing on Iberia, but has since expanded to other European countries and the United States, as well as to adjacent verticals aligned with veterinary health. UNAVETS is distinguished by its strong investment in scientific clinical training, equipment and business support to clinics. The group is committed to pushing the boundaries of veterinary care. For more information, visit: https://www.unavets.com/enAbout BSA The Animal Blood Bank is a specialized organization whose goal is to provide life-saving blood transfusions. The organization’s goal is to help as many animals as possible, ensuring that all can have access to high-quality blood transfusions that are safe for humans, while maintaining standards of well-being and safety for donors. Currently, BSA provides blood units to more than 20 countries around the world, has 4 laboratories and 12 donation teams in Portugal, Spain, the Republic of Ireland, Belgium and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit www.bsanimal.com

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