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Artists, influencers, illustrators, photographers, companies, organizations… will be able to create, sell and promote digital certificates of authenticity from their mobile, protecting their digital assets and turning them into unique, unrepeatable and irreplaceable pieces.

Since the launch of Unfold 4 years ago, the app has become a must-have for any professional and anonymous content creator. During this time, it has evolved according to the needs and trends of the moment, adding design templates, fonts and technology to help and, above all, facilitate the creation of content capable of standing out and capturing the attention of the audience on social networks. When Alfonso Cobo, a 30-year-old Spaniard created Unfold, he always had the goal of offering users everything they need to improve the quality of their publications, give them back control over them, and protect the content they share on their digital channels. This motivation is what has led it to become an all-in-one application and to make a leap to the web3, allowing digital content to be monetized from a phone in just a few minutes, with NFTs. Through blockchain technology, the same one that is used In the world of cryptocurrencies, each image, illustration, video… any work, is associated with a single digital file, providing an authenticity value that helps protect the work of content creators and gives them control over what they share and the possibility of setting an economic value.” The intersection of social networks and NFTs is at a very early stage and the objective is to help content creators have autonomy that allows them to have less dependence on the methods of traditional monetization, such as agreements with brands.”MONETIZE CONTENT FROM MOBILE IN JUST 3 STEPS The creation of NFTs through Unfold allows users to give value and sell their assets digital photos easily and quickly, without all the exclusivity or complication of the web3 space up to now. Directly, from the mobile photo albums, users can upload any image or video, name it, make a description and give it a price in ETH (Ethers). The first sale is completed when buyers pay the transaction fee once the artwork is sold. The cost is an additional 2.5% of the sale price for Unfold and 1% for Rarible on all sales. From there, you can choose a % of the price to cover royalties. All creators receive 5% of the price as a default fee and PRO users can get up to 20%. Payments are received through cryptocurrency wallets directly connected to Unfold.ENTIRE COLLECTION AVAILABLE IN BIO SITES Integrated into Unfold Bio Sites, the mini website where anyone can share the links of their full bio organized in a template with a Differentiating design and unlimited links, users can make use of “Digital Collectibles”: a showcase to show and sell all the available collections.Bio Sites has hundreds of thousands of users, including artists like Bj√∂rk https://bio .site/bjork

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