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HANGZHOU, China, Dec. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On November 3, Unitree Robotics introduced the new B2 industrial quadruped robot.

As a leading force in the industry, the Unitree industrial quadruped robot brought by Unitree has been upgraded on the basis of the B1 with a full range of improvements, including comprehensive carrying capacity, reach, movement ability, speed, etc., which allows it to play a role in more application scenarios.

1. The fastest running industrial quadruped robotB2 features a significant speed improvement, with a running speed of over 6m/s to become the fastest known industrial quadruped robot on the market. At the same time, it has a maximum jumping distance of up to 1.6m.

2. Continuous load increased by 100%, resistance shot up by 200. The maximum load capacity of B2 standing reaches 120 kg, continuous running load is more than 40 kg with an increase of 100%; 20kg load in continuous running is more than 4 hours with more than 15km mileage, and the endurance is increased by 200%; The endurance in continuous running without load is more than 5 hours with more than 20 km of mileage. This means that B2 is capable of transporting heavy loads, carrying out delivery tasks or working continuously for long periods of time.

3. Powerful joint performance increases by 170% with 360 N.m torque With a maximum torque of 360 N.m, 170% higher performance, B2 provides greater flexibility and stability for industrial operations.

4. Stable and strong, all-terrain to cope with diverse environmentsB2 has excellent ability to traverse obstacles and can cross them easily, which is an excellent solution to deal with complex environments. In addition, B2 also has off-road adaptability, and can walk stably on slippery or extreme terrain.

5. Depth perception to meet various complex challengesIn terms of perception ability, B2 can be combined with various sensors, such as 3D LIDAR, depth cameras and optical cameras, which allow the Unitree robot to better adapt to its environment and perform various tasks with greater safety and effectiveness.

Unitree stated that the B2 industrial quadruped robot will be widely used in various sectors such as industrial automation, electrical inspection, emergency rescue, industrial inspection, education and research. Its high performance and versatility will allow it to play an important role in these fields, improving work efficiency, reducing labor costs and reducing risks and dangers.

More information: www.unitree.com/b2

CONTACT: Duke Huang, pr@unitree.com

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