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Visible: The Europages Barometer for the first quarter of 2024 shows that Italy and Spain drive B2B searches and Europe prioritizes sustainability and innovation

HAMBURG, Germany, May 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Europages, Europe’s leading B2B platform, presents the latest data on B2B search trends in Europe in its Q1 2024 barometer, highlighting several key trends:

B2B search momentum in Italy and Spain shows no signs of slowing

The Italian manufacturing sector is currently experiencing a period of notable growth and dynamism. Contrary to the global trend of economic slowdown, the Italian manufacturing industry shows strong resilience and even exceeds the global average, with a PMI (purchasing managers indicator) above 50 points in the first quarter of 2024.

This strength is reflected in the barometer, where Italy ranks second in the following key areas: countries with the most searches, countries most selected during searches, and countries sending higher quality direct requests.

Spain maintains the pace, demonstrating the continued interest of buyers, as it is among the top five search countries, the most selected countries during searches, the countries that receive the highest quality direct requests and the countries that send the highest quality direct requests. Building on this momentum, Italy and Spain are consolidating their positions as major forces in Europe’s B2B landscape.

France maintains steady lead in turbulent market

While other major economies face economic headwinds, France remains stable and consistently ranks first in three key areas: countries seeking the most, countries receiving, and countries sending the highest quality buyer requests.

This strength could be reinforced by a dynamic innovation ecosystem, particularly in areas aligned with current market trends. These trends, as reflected by the barometer, show an increase in interest in innovative and sustainable products. France’s commitment to environmental solutions perfectly positions its companies to capitalize on this demand.

Additionally, France benefits from favorable geopolitical factors, creating a stable and secure environment for businesses to thrive. This combination of a diversified economy, a focus on innovation and alignment with sustainability trends positions France for continued success in the international market.

Sustainability and Innovation at the forefront

Q1 product searches for 2024 shed light on demand for daily necessities such as cosmetics, clothing and food. Even amid crises and economic challenges, demand for beauty products persists. European fashion and beauty companies are also diversifying their sourcing strategies to reduce dependence on China, driven by concerns about supply chain stability and ethical sourcing practices.

Search trends also reveal an increase in demand for innovative and sustainable products, with glass manufacturing machinery (805%) and waterproofing construction products (734%). This growing demand reflects a shift towards solutions that offer ecological sustainability through recyclability. The European Commission’s specific budget allocations for regional development, green infrastructure and research and innovation further support this industry’s focus on innovation and sustainability.

In addition to building materials, there is a significant increase in searches for medical electronics (718%), indicating a wave of innovation in healthcare technology. This aligns with the EU4Health program objectives of prioritizing accessibility and strengthening health preparedness across the European Union.

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About ep BarometerThe Europages barometer tracks new trends and the origin of searches, helping SMEs to stay ahead and find new opportunities. With 2 B2B searches per second, this data collected in the europages barometer is the most reliable source for purchasing trends thanks to its unparalleled reach (over 7 million visitors worldwide), active buyer base ( 3 million monthly searches) and its constantly evolving market (with more than 3,000 new companies offering products and services in 26 languages).

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The platforms operated by Visable GmbH include wlw (“Wer liefert was”), today the leading B2B platform in the D-A-CH region, and the European B2B platform europages, on which around three million companies are registered. Together, the platforms reach three million B2B buyers a month seeking detailed information about companies and products. The platforms register around 266,000 search queries per day. With its online marketing services, Visable offers businesses additional opportunities to increase their reach on the Internet.

Visable was founded in response to the challenges of internationalization and digitalization in the B2B sector and today employs around 500 people at its headquarters in Hamburg, Berlin, Münster, Paris and Hanzhou. As the joint umbrella of the wlw and europages brands, Visable continually expands its B2B platforms and online marketing services.

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